Cost & Energy


Energy efficient lighting

Increased control, reduced energy, reduced costs

Igor’s intelligent controls, simple installation, and automation capabilities put you in control over costs and energy consumption.

Our system can reduce energy costs of a commercial space by up to 75%.

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Lower installation costs

Installation of Ethernet-powered lighting saves time and money over traditional lighting systems.

Igor-enabled devices use ┬áplug-and-play, modular connectors and don’t require high-voltage wiring. Setup is more efficient and cost-effective.

Lower energy costs

LED lighting systems are 60% more energy efficient than fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Igor increases this efficiency further by using intelligent automation and scheduling to reduce waste and cut energy costs.

Motion and occupancy sensors provide lighting when needed and turn it off when rooms are not in use. All fixtures can be programmed to turn on and off according to set schedules, be adjusted on a granular level for usage control, and adjust automatically to make use of sunlight exposure.

IT-friendly maintenance

The Igor platform greatly simplifies facility management and maintenance.

Not only can every device in the system be monitored and provide feedback about outages or issues in real time, but system upkeep can be maintained by existing IT staff. Installation and replacement of components is made easy with plug-and-play configuration.

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