How It Works

Intelligent lighting control

Power over Ethernet.
Control over everything.

Igor’s innovative platform enables an unprecedented level of intelligent control over LED lighting systems in spaces of all sizes.
The entire system is powered and controlled over standard Ethernet connections. This means it’s not only easier and more economical to install than traditional lighting, but network-enabled lighting components give you immediate access and control over the entire system.


Connect Igor-enabled devices — LED light fixtures of all types, motion sensors, daylight sensors, and more — to your network through standard Ethernet cable and a network switch.


At this point, all of the hardware is online and connected to the network.
Igor’s application interface allows you to quickly and wirelessly discover hardware on the network.


Using the Igor application interface, it’s simple to create virtual spaces that contain sets of devices. This allows you to quickly manage and adjust which lights, switches, and sensors belong to which unique space.


Igor devices work intelligently together, so there’s no need to wire switches or sensors directly to different fixtures. Instead, you assign the attached devices through the application interface. This tells the Igor software which controls should work together.

It knows

After creating spaces and assigning controls, the entire Igor system just works.
The intelligent design of the software handles even complex interactions as expected. Even with multiple lights, switches, sensors, and parameters, the entire system is ready to function autonomously.