Energy-efficient buildings

Next-level lighting

The Igor system is built to evolve and adapt.

We see development of the Igor platform as the first step toward a new phase of the lighting industry that allows customization and encourages massive innovation.

Rather than lighting systems being treated as overhead costs that need constant maintenance and take up valuable resources, our solution is to create intelligent lighting that works to add value, reduce costs, and make buildings safer, more comfortable, and more responsive to occupant needs.

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Built for innovation

How could intelligent, automated lighting fundamentally change the way we think about our lights?

Igor’s open API makes it possible for vendors, manufacturers, and users to create custom applications that meet their specific lighting needs.

This opens the door for community innovation to increase control, efficiency, and monitoring capabilities of our platform.

Endless possibilities

We empower partners and developers to extend the Igor system to provide customized functionality that offers solutions to control comfort and mood, add entertainment value, improve building safety and security, and more.

The Igor API enables a world of possibilities for lighting to evolve into something more than just illumination.

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