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Igor is an open protocol platform that’s made to work with any LED lighting fixture. We’re looking for key partnerships as we expand into new markets.

We partner with many kinds of organizations and have spelled out the relationships we have in detail below to give you an idea of how we work with other businesses. Once you take the next step to contact us, we’ll spend some time getting to know how your organization works and how we can find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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Types of Partnerships

We form both sales relationships (like distributors, installers, contractors, and resellers interested in selling Igor systems) and technical ones with manufacturers and developers who are interested in integrating with Igor’s POE lighting technology platform.

Igor Systems Lighting Distributor

Be part of the rapid growth of IP-based lighting solutions.

  • Much like the IT, video camera, and telephony industries have already done, the lighting industry is steadily shifting from analog to IP technologies including LED lighting and power-over-Ethernet solutions.
  • Our distributors sell Igor software to contractors and system integrators. They also provide marketing, training and sales support to help our partners give the best service to their customers.

Igor Vertical Specialist (IVS)

Be part of an industry revolution and join Igor as a turnkey Vertical Specialist in open platform IP/PoE lighting systems:

  • The Vertical Specialist program is for channel partners who specialize in delivering complete solutions for a specific vertical such as data centers, healthcare industries, or commercial office spaces. Igor provides training for system integrators who specialize in providing customized solutions for their vertical industry clients.
  • With dedicated support from Igor, turnkey Vertical Specialists can generate a higher volume of sales with lighting and lighting control systems, thus expanding their presence for their vertical-specific offerings.
  • You’ll have full-system software training including setup, integration, management, maintenance, and updates.
  • You’ll also be a priority for factory-developed software applications, mobile apps, and custom controls.

OEM Reseller

As a fixture OEM, you can now provide a complete lighting control solution including hardware and the world’s leading lighting management software suite.

Igor provides complete system solutions so that you can expand your product offering and take advantage of those project opportunities where you can control the specification. This approach typically suits the needs of those Igor partners who desire Igor to furnish a complete solution directly to them.

  • We provide custom hardware integration with new and existing fixtures.
  • Our software will power hardware integration for fixtures of all types.
  • In-house training and software support for sales and installation.

Igor Solutions Partner (ISP)

Igor’s open framework allows Solutions Partners to build customized applications that utilize data from the Igor application. The ISP program is for any company that wants to develop applications and product offerings for Igor’s lighting management software. Based on our open application framework, ISPs can create applications suited to their specific client needs. From custom reports to integration with other building services, Igor allows the ISP to extend its application to virtually any other internet-enabled device or service.

  • Our system provides direct API access to setup, control, and real-time data streams generated by the Igor platform.
  • We provide documentation and training on API access and integration.
  • ISPs will have access to our distribution channels and key sales partners.
  • Our approach is to work with you as a partner in developing your application idea, as well as to consult with you to develop your overall strategy.

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