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Igor System

The PoE Lighting Revolution.

Intelligent LED lighting solutions are driving the digital transformation of the lighting industry with the creation of the “digital ceiling,” which has become the foundation for smart building automation. Igor’s innovative PoE platform enables unprecedented levels of intelligent control over LED lighting systems. Igor makes the promise of smart buildings a reality by leveraging the technology convergence of the Internet of Things with the disruption of smart lighting. Read more to learn why your next building should use Igor’s PoE Connected Lighting platform. 

LED Lighting


Advances in LED lighting systems have allowed for the rise of PoE as a viable power and control system for connected lighting solutions and other electronic devices. As LEDs become more energy efficient, Power over Ethernet technology increasingly delivers on the promise of changing the building of the future.


Office Lighting


Igor’s intelligent building platform leverages the integration of PoE connectivity with its patented software to not only control sensors but, via its machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology, provide data-driven intelligence to facility owners,  managers and, ultimately, their customers or residents.


New Construction LED Lighting


Igor believes in the importance of building personal relationships with those who work alongside us as partners and customers. Igor's service-driven business model makes us an ongoing part of your customer relationships. We will be part of your service portal enabling customers to view logs, access backups and monitor energy usage using built-in tools. Our ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) process is constantly working to provide up-to-the-minute energy data, events and system health information. For assistance, our own Network Operations Center will provide best-in-class customer support and analytics.


Stairway LED Lighting

Getting Started

There are a variety of ways to implement your Igor intelligent PoE platform starting today. Have a look through our Product Gallery for exciting examples and opportunities to get started. To learn more about our products first hand, request a demo or submit a partner request and we will contact you promptly with relevant and strategic insights that will help educate you on Igor's unique product and partner offerings.


Hallway LED Lighting

Markets and
Case Studies

Positive returns on investments demonstrate that PoE technology can stand on its own merits-leading to further adoption.