Igor Executive Leadership

Steve L’Heureux, CEO & Chairman

Steve L.Steve has developed a national reputation as a leader in high technology. Over the last three decades, he has transformed seven companies. Igor is his latest and most exciting venture.

For the previous four years, Steve had been CEO of Ryko Solutions in Des Moines, Iowa. During his tenure, revenue doubled to nearly $125 million and earnings increased six times. Under his leadership, Ryko reversed five years of declining sales by introducing new organic revenue streams, closing six accretive add-on acquisitions and expanding internationally. The end-result created a company that has become the second largest player in its industry in the world. 

In the role as President/CEO, Steve has executed four successful turnarounds in southern California and completed 16 acquisitions/divestitures. He has led diverse business-to-business technology companies serving various industries including digital media, wireless/telecom, and healthcare.

L’Heureux was Chief Operating Officer of Noritsu America Corp., a California-based digital equipment maker. At Noritsu, he oversaw the first acquisition in the company’s history and increased gross profits by 38 percent within a year. Prior to leading similar turnarounds at CalAmp Corporation, Encoda Systems, Odetics Broadcast and Minerva Networks, he had worked in corporate sales, including a stint as Director of Global Sales for Eastman Kodak Co. in the early 1990s.

He has demonstrated an extraordinary talent for rapidly building enterprise value and delivering outsized gains for investors.

Steven is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Wisconsin and a graduate of the UC Irvine Paul Merage School of Business.

Dwight Stewart, Founder & CTO

Dwight S.Dwight Stewart founded Igor, Inc.in 2013. As CEO, Dwight grew the company to a dozen employees, led multiple investment rounds and proved the quality of the PoE technology through installations. In October 2015, Dwight became Chief Technology Officer and focused his attention on Igor’s products, partners, and brand voice.

Dwight has a strong reputation as an innovator, leader, and operator. Dwight is established and recognized within the CleanTech industry for consistently conceiving transformative ideas and turning them into a reality.

In 2011, Dwight founded Stewart Strategy, Inc. as an IoT product and contracting company, which grew to six developers and served customers including Siemens, a Switzerland-based building technology business.

Prior to founding Stewart Strategy, Dwight Stewart cofounded QAS with Craig Engelbrecht, which over four years grew to over 40 employees without any external investment. Dwight was initially the company’s President, then became the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Dwight was responsible for product development, project implementation, systems integration, finances and sales support. Deployments existed in nearly every U.S. state and included institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Duke, Columbia, Limited Brands, Siemens, Chevron, and NASA. QAS was courted by numerous venture capitalists and private equity groups, and in 2011, the company was sold.

Dwight built businesses during his tenure at Iowa State University while pursuing a computer science major. He was widely known throughout the university for his algorithms to find, consolidate and organize MP3s. Through that notoriety, Dwight then started advertising the ability to build computers for classmates. Soon after, Dwight started a website called CollegeRoute.com that was an online portal for students: a place to buy and sell textbooks, ride sharing, tutoring, and roommate matching as well as providing a virtual campus town. Within a year, CollegeRoute.com had dominated Iowa State and scaled to several other major college campuses.

Dwight has been programming, tinkering with circuits, LEDs, and machines since early grade school. Throughout his childhood and early adulthood, Dwight focused on software development because of the speed of imagining something and making it a reality through computer programming. These experiences have prepared Dwight for this opportunity. He has a proven track record of recruiting, creating productive and collaborative environments, capitalizing on opportunities, and helping companies grow to their fullest potential.