About Igor

Igor, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Dwight Stewart, a successful entrepreneur with a vision to develop a smart building platform solution. Stewart previously founded QAS, a smart building data and visualization platform company which he successfully sold in 2012. Leveraging his experience at QAS, Stewart created Igor's unifying real-time plug-and-play IoT smart building platform which has rapidly achieved market leadership. Igor first made inroads as a successful connected lighting solution provider, quickly gaining a reputation for quality and winning licensing partnerships with leading luminaire manufacturers around the world. This leadership was validated by the invitation from industry leader, Cisco, to join their Digital Ceiling Partner Community.

In November 2015, Igor hired Steven L’Heureux as its CEO, President and Chairman. L'Heureux is a highly accomplished CEO having led multiple private equity owned companies where he honed his high performance, metrics driven operational skills. L'Heureux's business acumen ideally compliments Stewart's product innovation skills to form an outstanding leadership team at Igor. Together, they have raised more than $12 million in total capital to fund the company's continued rapid growth.

Igor’s flagship product, Nexos, is a PoE-based IoT smart building platform that incorporates the hardware, software, and cloud analytics components to form the digital building 'backbone' that delivers superior smart building network reliability, bandwidth and security. Combined with an open API and real-time platform engine, Nexos is truly a forward looking IoT smart building technology that seamlessly incorporates full lighting controls with easy integration to virtually any IoT device or smart building application available on the market. Nexos is the plural of the Latin nexus, meaning multiple connections from one central, most important part. Today, Nexos reflects the market’s readiness to enter the IoT world. Nexos is a robust solution that supports a growing ecosystem of partners to support a diverse set of user needs.

With a global market increasingly trending toward smart homes and businesses, Igor has quickly made a name for itself as a leading player in the future of the agile, smart building industry. With system installations in more than two dozen countries, and partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, Igor is an emerging global player in the IoT Smart Building industry.

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