Building Partnerships

We believe in hard work and the importance of building personal relationships with those who work alongside us as partners.

Our goal is to provide value directly to our partners and then empower them to create value for their customers. We are proud of our elegant technology and cutting-edge analytics because we are contributing to the development of truly smart buildings.  Every day, our employees and partners work toward a unified vision and mission for the future of Igor and the future of Power-over-Ethernet technology.  

Our Values

We are open. New ideas, discussions, and collaborations have led to the breakthroughs Igor has needed to lead in the Power-over-Ethernet industry.  We value openness because it increases everyone's dedication to the final product or project.  All ideas are encouraged and mistakes are okay as long as we maintain an open mind. Too many companies fail to adjust to the realities of the future because they are unwilling to accommodate new ideas. We value openness because it is valuable to our success and because it works. 

We are authentic. As a hard-working team of Midwesterners, we value being true to ourselves. With Igor, our customers will never be surprised by what they get - we do what we say and we uphold our promises. Business partnerships require trust and respect, and we believe that by being our authentic selves, we will have a solid foundation on which to build our relationships. 

We value all stakeholders.  To Igor, all stakeholders are important. We believe that our company must deliver on profits for customers, provide returns to our shareholders, and treat our employees and neighbors as valued members of the Igor community. No one stakeholder can be sacrificed in the name of the other in the pursuit of profits. This is because we believe that Igor's best interest lies in balancing all stakeholder needs to ensure sustainable growth and global success. 

By honoring our values, we can strive to pursue our mission and fulfill our long-term vision.  

Our Vision

To be the leading PoE-based smart building platform that provides businesses a clear path to an AI-ready future.

Our Mission

To provide value directly to our partners, empowering them to offer unique value to their customers by creating an open, PoE-based smart building platform that can transition to the AI-driven future.