Become a Partner

Igor is an open protocol platform that’s made to play well with others - smart building applications, building operation systems, LED lighting fixtures, other low-voltage devices, and so on. Igor plays at the exciting intersection of smart building technology with advanced software controls and big data. And we’re looking for key partnerships as we expand into new markets.

Smart building providers should consider working with Igor to build a solution to run on Nexos, the open API smart building platform that harnesses the stability, reliability, and adaptability of Power-over-Ethernet structured cabling. Applications that contribute to creating a smart building infrastructure are welcomed to work with Igor to become certified partners. Traditional building systems can become a part of the smart building future by working with Igor to run on Nexos, coming alive through Igor's technology to be well-positioned for the smart building future. 

Lighting controls, a tightly integrated application native to Nexos, represents a huge growth opportunity. In key commercial market segments, lighting controls have reached less than 2.5% market penetration due to the complexity of installation and configuration. Furthermore, lighting industry leaders have promoted their own proprietary control solutions that have resulted in slow customer adoption, as very few buildings can be fully outfitted with fixtures from a single supplier.

Igor has the solution for these difficult product adoption challenges - a industry-leading node and an open API platform. Igor’s node can transform almost all lighting and low-voltage fixtures into digital devices to connect to Nexos via a simplified and highly automated configuration process. From there, the open architecture software supports additional smart building applications to allow for one centralized system to control a building's automated and digital future.  


3 Reasons Why Igor Should Be Your PoE Partner

The ROI Speaks for Itself

With reduced installation costs, declines in energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, Igor’s PoE Platform provides ROI from day one.

Controllable, Reliable & Smart

If you can dream it, Igor can do it: real-time analytics, color rendering, daylight harvesting, micro grid, renewable connectivity and more. All this while delivering industry-leading network security.

Preferred Partners

These industry-leading and cutting-edge lighting manufacturers and designers have chosen Igor to be their preferred PoE providers: Ellipz • Hubbell • H.E. Williams Inspired LED • Orion

Sales Partners 

  • Igor Lighting Distributor Partner (IDP). Become an Igor Systems Lighting Distributor and be part of the rapid growth of IP-based lighting solutions. Much like the IT, video camera and telephone industries have already done, the lighting industry is steadily shifting from analog to IP technologies, including LED lighting and Power over Ethernet solutions. Our distributors sell Igor software to contractors and system integrators. They also provide marketing, training and sales support to help our partners give the best service to their customers.
  • Igor Vertical Specialist (IVS). Join Igor as a Vertical Specialist in open platform IP/PoE lighting systems. The Vertical Specialist program is for channel partners who specialize in delivering complete solutions for a specific vertical such as data centers, healthcare industries or commercial office spaces. Igor provides training for system integrators who specialize in providing customized solutions for their vertical industry clients.
  • OEM Reseller (OEM). Igor provides complete system solutions to expand your product offering and take advantage of opportunities where you can control the specification, including in-house training and software support for sales and installation.
  • Technical Partners. Manufacturer/developers interested in integrating with Igor Solutions Partner (ISP). Igor allows Solutions Partners to build customized applications. From custom reports to integration with other building services, Igor allows the ISP to extend its application to virtually any other internet-enabled device or service. Our open platform provides direct API access to setup, control and real-time data streams generated by the Igor platform. We provide documentation and training on API access and integration. ISPs will have access to our distribution channels and key sales partners.