Nexos, Igor's PoE-based IoT platform, is designed with smart building management in mind. The concept of smart buildings may have grown out of the sustainability movement and a focus on energy efficiency, but IoT buildings contribute widespread value to businesses:

  • Smart buildings can provide a safer, healthier environment for occupants.
  • Smart building solutions make buildings more comfortable and more convenient.
  • IoT building sensors and other devices generate valuable data and provide opportunities for enhanced efficiency.
  • Enhanced efficiency can lead to significant cost savings.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smart building solutions, when strategically installed and appropriately connected, can create advanced, customizable environments. But without a smart building automation solution, such as Nexos by Igor, to manage the data it’s impossible to wade through all of the IoT data to find practical, actionable insights.

Igor’s Smart Building Automation Solution

Igor’s Nexos IoT platform has the capability to connect all electrical elements of a building into one IoT hub. This includes:

Anything connected with an Ethernet cord to the Igor PoE Intelligent Building Automation platform is assigned an IP address, allowing it to be controlled and monitored using Igor's IoT & smart building management application.

Using the Nexos IoT platform, businesses will be able to operate at a new level of efficiency by using their facility data in new ways. With a centralized IoT building platform, users can leverage the connection between formerly independent devices and systems. The benefits of an IoT-connected building automation system grow and expand over time, as new IoT devices are added and connected to the building automation platform.

In our evolving world, smart building solutions are needed to adapt to AI innovation and integration. As technology continues to advance, people will come to expect building automation options in their environments, and IoT buildings will become the norm.

Download the Nexos IoT Platform Overview

Benefits of an IoT-Based Smart Building Automation Platform

Igor developed the Nexos platform with a seamlessly-integrated native building automation controls application that supports real-time and advanced directives. Nexos has some of the most advanced intelligent PoE lighting and building automation controls available in the market today. With an open API, users can integrate various building applications into one building automation system to simplify IoT building management.

Igor's IoT platform and PoE technology is a great option for large buildings with multiple floors. The Nexos IoT platform for smart building automation is easily scalable, and it’s simple to connect more devices from PoE lighting, to occupancy sensors, temperature sensors, access control points and more. Nexos by Igor can be used to connect and control smart building solutions in a variety of industries and contexts:


Building automation solutions such as automated window shades and intelligent lighting controls can make hospitals and healthcare facilities more comfortable for patients and their families.

Senior Living

Pressure sensors in beds and automated lighting settings improve safety for residents in senior living and long term care facilities.


Smart locks, digital display screens and other IoT building devices can be used in school buildings to create a safer, more secure and more productive learning environment.

Hotels and Hospitality

Customizable building automation options such as digital thermostats, intelligent lighting and other solutions can enhance the guest experience in the hospitality industry.

Data Centers

Enhanced device connectivity and data collection opportunities make smart building solutions a natural fit for data center applications.

Power Over Ethernet Enabled Building Automation for New Buildings & Retrofits

Igor’s PoE-based IoT platform is a robust solution for brand new buildings and for retrofit projects. The Nexos IoT platform can connect previously siloed building systems, including:

  • Security cameras
  • LED lighting
  • HVAC systems
  • VoIP

Igor’s IoT platform and PoE technology can connect these systems, extend their reach and provide a centralized repository for collecting data insights. The result is a building automation system that delights the user and simplifies the day-to-day management of the building.

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