Your business needs to remain competitive in a global economy and improve the bottom line. You must invest in systems that provide long-term solutions to managing your electrical expenditures. Igor’s Intelligent LED Lighting Solution is a tool that can immediately provide energy stability and a smaller carbon footprint – not to mention save a significant amount of money.

For commercial operations, Igor’s Intelligent LED Lighting Solution allows for universal adaptability. Igor’s software demonstrates that it is possible to have an open, non-proprietary ‘plug and play’ PoE system. This creates lower upfront costs, decreased installation and retrofitting costs and ongoing savings from lowered maintenance requirements and energy usage controls.

For retrofits of existing structures, such as schools, retail buildings, offices and healthcare facilities, universal adaptability is absolutely necessary to realize the benefits of intelligent PoE lighting. Because interoperability is a reality, commercial customers demand universal capabilities from their PoE software system. The positive returns on investments demonstrate that PoE technology can stand on its own merits – leading to further adoption.