Real World Benefits of Our PoE-Based IoT Platform 

Businesses need to remain competitive in a global economy and improve the bottom line. Companies must invest in systems that provide long-term solutions to managing building system expenses while creating improved environments for optimal health and productivity of a building’s occupants. The Nexos platform can be the backbone to a smart building, and with its tightly integrated intelligent lighting application, Nexos creates a tool that can immediately provide energy stability and a smaller carbon footprint for an immediate ROI. It’s also a smart long-term investment as Nexos’ PoE-based IoT platform is designed to adapt to future iterations of new protocols and bring all data into one central cloud for optimized decision making.

For commercial operations, Igor’s Nexos allows for universal adaptability. Igor’s software demonstrates that it is possible to have an open, non-proprietary ‘plug and play’ PoE system. This creates lower upfront costs, decreased installation and retrofitting costs and ongoing savings from lowered maintenance requirements and energy usage controls.

For retrofits of existing structures, such as schools, retail buildings, offices and healthcare facilities, universal adaptability is absolutely necessary to realize the benefits of a smart building. Because interoperability is a reality, commercial customers demand universal capabilities from their PoE software system. The positive returns on investments demonstrate that PoE technology can stand on its own merits – leading to further adoption.

Solutions for Smart Office Buildings

Today’s office buildings are becoming smarter, using technology to reduce operational costs and increasing employee productivity and well-being.  Employee satisfaction is becoming a growing issue for both employee retention and business competitive success. Employees expect to be comfortable where they work, especially when it comes to lighting and temperature – two things that aren’t noticed when they are at normal levels, but become a distraction when they create an uncomfortable environment. Considerable evidence and research has proven that comfortable employees are much more productive. Evidence shows that most office workspaces are over-lit and uncomfortable.

Nexos and its tightly integrated intelligent PoE lighting platform not only provide employees an environment where they can be comfortable and excel but also extracts more energy savings with techniques such as daylight harvesting. Nexos leverages PoE-based IoT technology as the backbone of the office lighting network to create a multi-application platform to control and relay data from connected lighting, thermostats, occupancy sensors, security, access controls, and more.

This integrated approach enables usage optimizations based on the incoming data reported by the intelligent sensors and usage reports. Nexos gives its users access to an open standards ecosystem that will provide a wealth of options, lower costs and significantly reduce project costs and complexity through the centralization of the many smart building applications available to office managers today.

Nexos allows previously siloed systems the ability to speak a universal language and be monitored in one place, creating a cohesive smart building. Now building managers and owners across the world are capturing data to maximize operational savings. By choosing Nexos, the IoT technology is in place to integrate new amenities which can be vital to securing high-value tenants. 

Igor's Nexos is cost effective from the moment of installation to the maintenance and future adaptability. By installing Nexos, an office can adapt and change along with upcoming trends and building requirements without requiring a complete overhaul of the already-installed cabled network.  

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IoT Solutions for Hospitality

Hotels need to create not just an attractive but also welcoming environment with flattering lighting for customers to have a better occupant experience. As it becomes easier and more cost-effective to install and operate IoT technology, smart hotels are no longer a thing in the future. It is happening now.

In a smart hotel, IoT-connected devices are leveraged in order to create a better guest experience and a streamlined hotel management system for staff and administrators. The hospitality industry presents many opportunities to use automation solutions to enhance smart hotel rooms. Guests enjoy greater convenience and comfort, and hotel owners and operators benefit from increased efficiency, cost savings and guest satisfaction.

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IoT & PoE Solutions for Apartment and Multi-Tenant Buildings

The apartment marketplace is becoming highly competitive as people of all ages expect amenities and technology in their living spaes. It is important for apartment owners to keep their units attractive and affordable, yet provide a return on investment to the building owners. For owners and property management firms to remain competitive, providing quality space with custom amenities to their tenants free of unnecessary cost and hassle is a priority. 

Nexos' tightly integrated intelligent PoE lighting and smart building application can make a considerable impact on building costs and building efficiencies. An integrated smart building approach permits usage optimizations based on the occupancy data reported by the intelligent sensors. Nexos provides direct API access for setup, control and real-time data streams from embedded sensors and analytics. This delivers a simple dashboard containing information on energy savings, space utilization, security and more.

The end result of an Igor intelligent PoE lighting system is one that improves the bottom line for the building owners, the day-to-day life of the residents, and sets the building up for future adaptability. Residents benefit from improved safety features, including emergency lighting capabilities, optimized lighting settings, and customized experiences and spaces. Once the intelligent PoE lighting is up and running, building owners have the flexibility to go beyond intelligent lighting and add a variety of applications that improve tenant life should they choose to do so, all because they selected Igor's Nexos as their IoT platform. 

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Igor’s PoE Technology Gives Power to “Smart Hospitals”

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are facing a massive challenge to reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction and outcomes and improve staff productivity. They need to do this all while demonstrating a higher level of environmental sustainability and improving patient care. One of the answers to this seemingly insurmountable feat lies in the PoE revolution. The unique environments within hospitals must support the needs of patients that may have limited mobility and vision. Patient rooms require specialized lighting and controls while other spaces, like operating rooms, include large equipment that can make it difficult to display light evenly and efficiently throughout the entire space.

Igor’s groundbreaking IoT platform provides the necessary control, visual acuity and integration with building automation systems. This empowers the institution to improve the quality of care by carefully managing the patient’s circadian rhythms, manage noise levels with low lighting, maintain comfortable temperatures depending on space and light and ensure patients feel safe.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to simply keep the lights on and maintain optimal temperatures for medical work. Igor’s IoT platform delivers a much greater reduction in energy costs by enabling hospital management to analyze and adjust lighting according to occupancy, needs and locations. It also provides better space utilization by identifying occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings and determining what spaces are underutilized.

Finally, our platform increases administrative and staff productivity by optimizing PoE lighting and temperature to create an ideal working environment. Productivity is further enhanced by Igor’s Asset Tracking application which tracks all critical medical devices and reduces redundant purchases and wasted staff hours. Does your healthcare facility have other applications that it uses to manage staff, patients, or assets? Nexos retains an open API which allows for most applications to be centralized onto its easy-to-use software interface. Meet the complex demands of healthcare today simply by choosing Nexos. 

PDF: Nexos for Healthcare


Solutions for Smart Schools and Education Buildings

In today’s stressful social climate, schools of all educational levels are relied on to provide classrooms and campuses that are safe, healthy, energy-efficient and provide an ideal environment for learning. They’re expected to do all this while being mandated to reduce operating costs, maintain their buildings and achieve a more sustainable carbon footprint. The Nexos IoT platform and its tightly integrated intelligent PoE lighting applications can address all the issues that keep administrators up at night:

  • Safety: Our IoT technology has a tightly integrated gunshot detection system that can provide emergency lighting, first responder information, and video feeds of the location, should the worst happen at your school. Additionally, Igor’s real-time tracking of students/staff or assets in buildings provides real-time safety and security.   Some schools may be able to negotiate insurance rates with top of the line security systems. 
  • Productivity: Igor’s ability to monitor space utilization in real-time provides energy saving information and safety. It also increases student and staff productivity by optimizing light and temperature in classrooms, including color-tuning to create ideal learning environments at any point in the day. A comfortable environment supports learning achievement goals. 
  • Costs: Igor’s PoE technology lowers energy costs from lighting by adjusting light levels according to occupancy and settings. It also realizes significant HVAC savings by not heating/cooling unoccupied spaces.

Nexos provides one of the least expensive ways for a school system to make an impact on their steadily growing costs and demands for improved safety. 

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Intelligent Data Centers

Nearly every person, business, and government entity either needs its own data center or needs access to someone else's. Major companies and some governments build and maintain data centers in-house, others rent servers at co-location facilities (commonly referred to as “colos”), and some rent space in cloud-based services from hosts like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

To the average citizen, storing data in the cloud is a way of freeing up space on a phone or computer. The cloud seems like a great way of describing their experience – data is stored in some ethereal space. To those who operate or run a data center, data centers are very large, sprawling over football fields just for one portion of a data center. They are huge consumers of energy, require extensive cooling systems, and can never, ever be offline.

Data center environments have different needs from a normal office environment. Intelligent data centers go beyond lighting controls and use sensors, IoT devices, data, real-time location services, and intelligence to create an environment that is safer, more efficient, and easier to maintain.


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IoT Solutions for Public Buildings

In today’s world, occupant experience is increasingly important, and this includes public buildings as well as private offices. IoT technology can help create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere that improves working conditions for our public employees as well as those visiting our public spaces. And in addition to the health and comfort of those in our public buildings, an IoT smart building provides the most energy efficient means to fulfill sustainability and reduce costs to taxpayers.

Igor’s Nexos Smart Building Solutions can deliver benefits to both the bottom line and to the occupant experience while giving the public sector the opportunity to meaningfully improve their reputation on corporate social responsibility. Public buildings will benefit from Nexos with an immediate reduction in energy costs, granular control of their lighting environment, and customized environments to maximize safety, health, and wellness. Using Nexos, these buildings can leverage an automation solution that is adaptable for technology that we cannot yet imagine. It is an investment that pays off immediately while also setting up public sector buildings for future success as technology continues to advance. 

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