Lighting Solutions for Education Buildings

In today’s stressful social climate, schools of all educational levels are relied on to provide classrooms and campuses that are safe, healthy, energy-efficient and provide an ideal environment for learning. They’re expected to do all this while being mandated to reduce operating costs, maintain their buildings and achieve a more sustainable carbon footprint. Igor’s intelligent PoE lighting applications can do all the things that keep administrators up at night:

  • Safety: Igor’s real-time tracking of students/staff or assets in buildings provides real-time safety and security. The increased safety via real-time student/staff tracking also reduces insurance rates.
  • Productivity: Igor’s ability to monitor space utilization in real-time provides energy saving information and safety. It also increases student and staff productivity by optimizing light and temperature in classrooms, including color-tuning to create ideal learning environments at any point in the day.
  • Costs: Igor’s PoE technology lowers energy costs from lighting by adjusting light levels according to occupancy and settings. It also realizes significant HVAC savings by not heating/cooling unoccupied spaces.

Igor’s intelligent PoE lighting provides one of the least expensive ways for a school system to make an impact on their steadily growing costs.