Igor’s PoE technology gives power to “smart hospitals”

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are facing a massive challenge to reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction and outcomes and improve staff productivity. All the while demonstrating a higher level of environmental sustainability and improving customer care. One of the answers to this seemingly insurmountable feat lies in the PoE revolution. The unique environments within hospitals must support the needs of patients that may have limited mobility and vision. Patient rooms require specialized lighting and controls while other spaces, like operating rooms, include large equipment that can make it difficult to display light evenly and efficiently throughout the entire space.

While current LED technology meets a few of these challenges (such as reducing costs and maintenance while improving efficiency), it requires Igor’s intelligent lighting solutions to get a handle on the entire problem. Igor’s groundbreaking PoE platform provides the necessary control, visual acuity and integration with building automation systems. This empowers the institution to improve the quality of care by carefully managing the patient’s circadian rhythms, manage noise levels with low lighting, maintain comfortable temperatures depending on space and light and ensure patients feel safe.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to simply keep the lights on and maintain optimal temperatures for medical work. Igor’s platform delivers a much greater reduction in energy costs by enabling hospital management to analyze and adjust lighting according to occupancy, needs and locations. It also provides better space utilization by identifying occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings and determining what spaces are underutilized.

Finally, our platform increases administrative and staff productivity by optimizing lighting and temperature to create an ideal working environment. Productivity is further enhanced by Igor’s Asset Tracking application which tracks all critical medical devices and reduces redundant purchases and wasted staff hours.