Solutions for Smart Office Buildings

Today’s office buildings are becoming smarter, using technology to reduce operational costs and increasing employee productivity and well-being. Igor’s intelligent PoE lighting technology provides the tools you need to make your office smarter and more productive. Whether you have office spaces that are open, individual offices and conference rooms or more customized layouts, Igor has a wide range of options.

Igor’s open PoE platform provides direct API access to setup, control and real-time data streams from embedded sensors and analytics, delivering a simple dashboard for energy savings, space utilization, security and more. The intelligent PoE lighting system can increase staff productivity and well-being by optimizing light and temperature to create an ideal work environment.

The system also optimizes space utilization by identifying occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings, safety and security. It goes without saying that the long-lasting and low energy LED lights drastically reduce costs and maintenance by identifying high/low use areas.

Igor’s systems are extremely cost effective; the payback period can be as little as 18 months with installation and services paid for out of energy cost savings.

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