Solutions for Professional Offices

Employee satisfaction is becoming a growing issue for both employee retention and business competitive success. Employees expect to be comfortable where they work, especially when it comes to lighting and temperature – two things that aren’t noticed when they’re comfortable, but become a distraction when they create an uncomfortable environment. Considerable evidence and research has proven that comfortable employees are much more productive. Evidence shows that most office workspaces are over-lit and uncomfortable.

Igor’s advanced intelligent PoE lighting not only provides employees an environment where they can excel but also extracts more energy savings with techniques such as daylight harvesting. Igor’s platform is the most cost-effective and least disruptive way to bring comfort, energy savings and operational efficiencies to any office.

Igor will leverage the office lighting network to create a multi-application platform to control lighting, thermostats, plugs for printers and even the kitchenette appliances. This “smart office” with PoE lighting will collect sensor data, including occupancy and humidity, and mine the data to improve operational efficiencies. This integrated approach enables usage optimizations based on the occupancy data reported by the intelligent sensors. Igor will provide access to an open standards ecosystem that will provide a wealth of options, lower costs and significantly reduce project costs and complexity.