Lighting for Public Facilities

Public buildings must meet the energy efficiency requirements demanded by legislation while struggling with the poor quality options driven by the low bid process. At the same time, public lighting applications are faced with the need to reduce operating costs, like all commercial businesses. Public lighting should create spaces that are attractive to employees and the public, optimize performance by improving productivity and ensure the safety and well-being of the employees and their patrons. Effective lighting improves performance and productivity by keeping people focused and alert, providing enough light for their varied tasks. Finding a high-quality lighting solution with the low big requirements most public institutions operate in can be challenging. 

Igor has the answer.

Igor's energy efficient lighting solutions reduce energy costs by up to 80%, are easy to install and by extending lamp life, dramatically reduce costly maintenance cycles. Throughout the process, Igor supports the institutions who seek to install the Igor PoE lighting solution by working with them to help explain and share the significant ROI that the Igor solution provides within the first year of operation. Igor also works with public facilities and institutions to create a solution that works for their unique functions and meets their strict regulations on public service and safety. 

By delivering improved quality of light that lasts, Igor's intelligent PoE lighting solutions substantially lower the cost of serving the public.