Lighting Solutions for Retail Buildings

In today’s highly competitive retail world, the shopping experience is everything. An attractive total store experience will attract customers, encourage them to make more trips to a retailer's store, and give them a sense of safety and comfort which encourages customers to linger and explore. Lighting plays a vital role in differentiating retail brands and making them stand out, creating the critical first impression while showing care and responsibility about being green. Besides creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere that allows the customer to consider the merchandise, lighting must be as energy efficient as possible. Retailers know that effective and intelligent retail lighting can boost their bottom line while also improving their brand equity among customers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the brands they support. 

Igor’s energy efficient PoE lighting solutions can deliver benefits to both the bottom line and to the shopper experience while giving a retailer the opportunity to meaningfully improve their reputation on corporate social responsibility. Igor's technology can deliver the light precisely tuned to the finest detail to showcase merchandise and also create a consistent store-wide shopping experience. This can be a complex problem: the lighting must not only highlight important details but also create a positive ambiance to reinforce all the brands in the store.

Igor’s PoE lighting solutions are appropriate for a wide range of retail lighting applications. Retailers will benefit from Igor's solutions with an immediate reduction in energy costs, granular control of their lighting environment and even the ability to create a building-wide automation solution that is ready for artificial intelligence solutions of the future. It's an investment that pays off immediately while setting up retailers for success in the future as technology continues to advance. 

Discover how Igor’s intelligent PoE lighting solutions can transform your retail environment by delivering maximum energy efficiency, as well as excellent illumination levels, giving your customers an ideal shopping experience.