2020, A Year in Review: Growth Amid Challenges

December 29, 2020


This year was not the year anyone was expecting. While Igor faced some significant challenges, the company’s innovative spirit and passion to create positive outcomes for our customers and partners guided the company to a successful year. Here we reflect on some of our proudest moments of 2020.

IoT Awards1. Award-Winning Intelligent Disinfection Launched in Six Weeks

In June of 2020, Igor launched our newest solution, Intelligent Disinfection. This UVC disinfection solution was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep building occupants safe and provide peace of mind. Intelligent Disinfection went from ideation to market in just six weeks to quickly respond to the need for innovative and effective solutions during the pandemic. Intelligent Disinfection quickly and effectively eliminates pathogens on surfaces and in the air to clean spaces by using UVC lights and intelligent safety checks to keep occupants safe.

Intelligent Disinfection was recognized by IoT World as the winner of their global COVID-19 Innovation Award. This award was a proud moment for the Igor team as a recognition of the hard work of our team to create a product that met a gap present in the market.


2020 Sapphire Awards win2. Nexos Linear Node Wins Sapphire Award

Igor’s Nexos platform and hardware received extensive recognition this year including, a Sapphire Award from LEDs Magazine. The Nexos Linear Network Node was chosen as the winner in the Emergency SSL Luminaires, Modules, and Drivers category. Other companies up for this award included Signify and Samsung. The Sapphire Award cemented Igor’s role as a leader in the smart building space and our commitment to innovation. The winner of the award was chosen by a panel of independent judges who examined the unique technology or application innovation, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to profitability of the product. Nexos continues to set the standard for IoT innovation and will continue to contribute to the market in the upcoming year.



New partners page3. Expanding Igor’s Ecosystem and Channel Partners

Igor was pleased to welcome many new partners this year including Gigamedia, a European based company who produces infrastructure for smart buildings and Somfy who produces smart shades for spaces. Partnerships like these have helped Igor to reach new markets, close extensive deals, and create positive outcomes for clients.

As a result of our partner network growth, Igor launched two new partners pages in 2020, one for ecosystem partners, and a page for channel partners. These new pages allow for better exploration of Igor’s partners and a filtering system giving users the ability to customize their search to best fit their preferences.

Looking ahead to 2021, Igor will continue to grow our ecosystem and channel partners. As our worldwide reach continues, we will collaborate with our partners across the globe on projects to make clients’ smart building visions a reality.



4. Technology TrainingsIgor Uni 2020

In 2020, Igor placed an emphasis on education of our product line and technology. As Igor’s technology continues to expand and updates are made, it is important to help others better understand the opportunities our products provide to the marketplace. As a result, our team continued Igor University sessions in a virtual format and created a series of training videos and webinars to educate those interested in our technology about PoE and IoT. We were pleased to see increasing attendance at our online trainings with attendance for Igor University increasing 300% from 2019 and significant engagement from those who have attended or viewed our trainings and educational sessions. The sessions are still available on demand via our YouTube Training page for those interested in learning more about Igor’s technology and the role of IoT and PoE in smart buildings.


5. Closing Extensive Deals and Increasing Market Presence 

This year was strong for Igor in closing deals and growing our presence as a leader in the smart building space. Igor’s biggest projects are larger and more complex than ever before, and include premier Fortune 500 clients with extensive technology of their own. Interest in Nexos continues to grow at exponential rates and the market is rapidly adopting PoE and IoT technology. In the next year, there will be even more significant opportunities for Igor’s technology to be the backbone of millions of square feet of smart building space. After a successful year, we are looking forward to all the team will accomplish in 2021 and to seeing our growth continue.


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