Create Reliable and Efficient Life Science Facilities

Create Reliable and Efficient Life Science Facilities with Nexos Smart Building IoT Platform

February 22, 2022


Nexos by Igor is an IoT platform that uses Power-over-Ethernet(PoE) to turn life science facilities into agile, smart buildings. With Nexos’ open API, countless technologies can be integrated to create office, lab and R&D spaces that are smarter, safer, more productive.

Improved Building Efficiencies

Life Science lab facilities can be high energy users. Using a combination of PoE and IoT technology, facilities can lower energy consumption throughout buildings and increase efficiencies, while decreasing costs.

Enhanced Air Quality

Create an environment of superior indoor air quality by protecting building occupants and lab projects with environmental sensors that monitor elements impacting indoor air quality.

Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that lighting plays a significant role in productivity and well being of employees in the workplace. Using IoT connected lighting, staff can customize the lighting in their space to create optimal work environments.

Increased Safety and Security

Using an IoT platform maximizes security measures through trustworthy, tested, and secure software that connects a number of security devices including environmental sensors for safer ventilation or occupancy sensors for safely lit spaces.

Scalable and Future Proof

Using Igor’s IoT platform Nexos, life science facilities can easily connect new devices now and in the future, ensuring a sustainable, safe research and work environment that will have access to the latest technology solutions for years to come.

Actionable Data

With a centralized IoT platform, the collection of comprehensive data can lead to deeply informed decision making. Data analytics can help facility managers create additional efficiencies and contribute to safer lab and healthier work environments.

Applications in Life Sciences Facilities

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air within a lab space is a critical component of a safe research and working environment. Using Nexos connected devices to monitor air quality within lab spaces and alert the necessary parties when discrepancies are detected can lead to improved air quality which promotes safer and optimal lab conditions, leading to high quality research and safer working environments.

Custom Temperature Controls

IoT temperature controls allow for customization from space to space, whether that be researchers easily controlling the temperature in their lab to meet regulatory guidelines to an office employees adjusting temperature in a conference room, and these temperature settings can be scheduled for certain times of day. Preset scenes allow these environment adjustments to occur with just the click of a button.

Asset Tracking

A life science facility contains many important technology and security items that may move around the building in the course of a day at work. Using asset tracking capabilities connected via Nexos, life science buildings can rest assured the location of their most important technology and safety items are easily found and that these items can be returned to the correct spot following their use.

Security Systems

Interconnected IoT devices can be controlled by Nexos. A lab employee or security officer can create a simple security protocol and initiate actions using a phone or tablet. A single scenario can include several different actions and programs triggered on various IoT devices to provide protection in the event of a fire, tornado, intruder, or other threats at the facility.

Connected Lighting

IoT connected lighting creates positive outcomes in the office and research space. Staff can control the color and brightness of their lighting within office or conference room spaces and set preferences for different times of the day. Researchers are also able to adjust lighting within their labs to create the most ideal settings for research activities. This lighting is easily adjusted and monitored via wall controls or the Nexos software.

Occupancy Sensors

Monitoring occupancy in spaces using sensors connected via Nexos creates many positive outcomes in life science buildings. This includes improving energy efficiency by turning off lighting and devices when no occupants are detected, limiting the number of employees in a space for health and safety, and keeping track of building occupants during an emergency.

Cloud Data Analysis

Building operators can make smarter decisions using Nexos’ analytics capabilities. Nexos can store data from a number of devices including lighting, sensors, and security devices. Using this data, building operators can discuss how to best utilize resources and improve operational efficiency, all while improving office and lab employee experiences. This can lead to both cost and time savings for operations.

Key Integrations for Your Life Science Facility

  • Environmental Sensors
  • Customized Lighting
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Emergency Communications
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automated Shades
  • HVAC Controls
  • Card Access

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