DMACC Innovators & Entrepreneurs: PoE Start-Up

January 30, 2015

Igor’s founder and CEO, Dwight Stewart will be featured on DMACC Innovators & Entrepreneurs television segment for MC22 in the Des Moines region. His interview highlights his career in lighting control entrepreneurship, beginning from college and through the successful launch of his first company.

After demonstrating success in lighting controls and bridging the gap between IT and the building space, Cisco Systems approached Mr. Stewart about two years ago with the idea of creating a software platform to harness the potential of Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting control and management.

Today, Igor’s software provides control over LED lighting and sensors through the simple Ethernet cable. Combining the Ethernet cable and the Igor software, it becomes an easy “plug and play” method of controlling lighting. The result is a lighting control system that takes 80% less time to install than traditional lighting control methods, and can be 80% more energy efficient through the controlling abilities of PoE.

The roadmap for Igor is to start focused on lighting, and then after establishing a stronghold in the market to expand the company scope to include more verticals and software offerings. Igor is on the forefront of a technology revolution to harness the power of the digital world to create an “Internet of Things” (IoT) where devices are interconnected and controllable to maximize their benefit to businesses and individual consumers.

Igor has embraced the digital changes that allow PoE software to be possible, and opens up unlimited potential for manufacturers and building owners who wish to take part in the Internet of Things revolution. The company’s philosophy means that the software is an open platform that allows 3rd parties to leverage the technology in whatever ways they see best fit.

You can view the clip, of Igor’s CEO and Founder, Dwight Stewart, on DMACC’s Innovators & Entrepreneurs YouTube page beginning at the 4:38 mark.