Smart Hospital with Igor's PoE system

Enabling Better Healthcare Outcomes with Nexos

December 12, 2019

Download the Nexos Healthcare PDF here.

Apart from office buildings and education facilities, Igor’s smart building platform, Nexos, benefits the healthcare industry as well. Nexos can improve patient experience and healthcare employee satisfaction with one unified, integrated system. With its open API, third party software can be integrated with Nexos for the convenience and to fulfill the needs of the facility. This creates a flexible and future-proof healthcare facility that benefits all who enter.

In healthcare facilities where patient recovery time is important, the reliability of PoE is a great fit. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology makes it easy to capitalize on the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare because it’s simple to install and to use. By having independent control over each  room and the ability to create custom alerts and lighting through intelligent lighting controls, healthcare facilities can improve response times in case of an emergency as employees will now know specifically which patient needs help. A series of actions can be set to assist whatever the patients, whether it’s to go to the bathroom or to get a drink from the vending machine. In facilities where falls are a serious concern, Nexos’ smart building automation triggers can notify your staff when someone has left their bed, not returned to bed, or when no motion has been detected in a set period of time. With these smart healthcare functionalities, PoE systems improve response times when something unexpected happens in a healthcare facility.

Nexos-integrated security systems that monitor access points, security cameras and sensors which integrate with nurse call systems provides safety and security for not just patients and employees, but also visitors as well. Employees and equipment can be tagged via Bluetooth with designated areas they can enter, thus limiting unauthorized access to secure areas and ensuring the facility stays secure. The security data is then backed-up daily securely onto the cloud software. Apart from physical security, cybersecurity of patient data can also be enhanced through Nexos as it uses tokens and authentication methods which fits with the best practices.

Additionally, Nexos is able to provide cost savings as lighting usage data can be obtained through the Nexos platform and analyzed on the Cloud analytics software. Building managers can then better manage lighting and device usage to reduce energy consumption.  By optimizing white tunable lighting and utilizing daylight harvesting through simulating the lighting level throughout the day or natural clock, not only it is able to improve patient outcomes, employee productivity can be increased, and less energy will be consumed to create an optimized work environment throughout your facility.

Patients often take time to adjust to their new healthcare facility environment, which can cause a delay in recovery time, disruptions to their sleep, and other issues. By using Nexos, healthcare facilities can optimize their patient’s surrounding environment to make them feel more at home, recover more quickly, and to keep them safer and healthier than ever before.

Download the Nexos Healthcare PDF here.

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