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Grand Bay Library Case Study

October 14, 2020

For nearly a decade, Mobile County and Grand Bay, AL leaders have been trying to create a library branch in a former, historic bank building to provide the local community with a space of their own. There were a lot of challenges with this structure since it required the renovation and historic preservation of a 107-year old building. Bringing the space up to codes, making it ADA compliant, and ensuring it met emergency lighting requirements were significant challenges in a relatively small space.

Mobile County evaluated both traditional live-voltage lighting and PoE-lighting and found both came within their budget. With the additional benefits of PoE technology, they elected to install PoE lighting and controls in their renovation. The project involved nearly 5,000 square feet of complete renovation in the historic building with over 55 connected devices. The patented Nexos emergency lighting solution allowed all lighting to be on the same PoE network while helping the 1913 building meet emergency lighting code for 2020.

Steve Stone, founder of dakinstreet architects, was the lead architect on the project. He founded his company around a core of thoughtful design and above-and-beyond customer attention. When he met Igor’s regional business development director and learned about the Nexos technology, he was excited to incorporate a better lighting and building space control solution for his clients.

The project was completed in June of 2020. For the day-to-day users, their experience is similar to what they know thanks to the incorporation of commonly used wall controls and dimmable lighting. The visual results of the library show the lighting complements and accentuates the premium finish of the historic building, providing an excellent experience for its occupants while also giving the Grand Bay Library the flexibility and data they need to make changes or additions in the future. 

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