How do I create a more sustainable business?

February 12, 2015

Taking your business in a more “green” direction offers financial benefits, such as energy savings and federal incentives, and marketing and sales rewards, including attracting environmentally-aware clients. Companies looking to become more sustainable have a wide range of options. An investment in green building may pay you back. But many steps require no investment at all.

Here are a few of the options to consider at your company:

  • Make your property more green: Commercial buildings are responsible for a large portion of the energy and water use in the United States, including 18 percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide output. If you’re adding a property or moving your headquarters, consider green building or LEED certification. But even if you’re not moving anytime soon, you can still create big results by doing an energy audit. These efforts won’t just save you on energy bills. Studies have shown that using green building practices and materials can create a healthier work environment and even improve employee productivity.
  • Embrace intelligent lighting controls: LED Power-over-Ethernet lighting can save you 75-80% of both installation and ongoing energy usage costs. Combined with enhanced control and reporting, the ROI of PoE lighting will typically pay for itself within 24-36 months.
  • Work with other green companies: Choose partners that share your sustainable values. You may be surprised how many companies are eager to network with other green businesses. If available, show your support by partnering with other eco-conscious companies to make your green efforts go even further.
  • Encourage employees to go green: Your employees may be just as passionate about sustainability as you. Give them opportunities to share in your efforts. Offer incentives to carpool, allow time to volunteer on community projects that benefit the environment, or encourage teleconferencing to avoid unnecessary business travel that’s heavy on carbon emissions.
  • Recycle: This is an easy one. If you don’t offer recycling on your properties, you’re missing a low-effort way to minimize waste.
  • Buy local: Transporting materials long distances isn’t green. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by sourcing as much inventory and office supplies as you can from local companies.

Wherever you want to start, you’ll find it’s easy to take little or big steps toward a more sustainable business, and create a great story to share with the marketplace.

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