Using Igor's Power over Ethernet User Interface

How to Install and Use Igor's IoT Platform For Smart Building Applications

November 21, 2019

Igor’s Power over Ethernet technology is easy to use from start to finish. By enabling seamless connection and management of your IoT solutions via Igor’s IoT platform, Nexos, Igor is making operations easier for businesses.

Read on to explore how Igor’s IoT solutions facilitate smart building technology integration. Watch our demo to dive right into Igor’s PoE technology.

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Step 1: Getting Started with Igor’s PoE Technology & IoT Platform

Our plug-and-play PoE technology allows for easy setup of new IoT connected devices. Because Igor-enabled lights and devices already have an Igor node built in, simply connect the device to the network for automatic discovery on the Software Gateway. Igor’s technology also works with off-the-shelf devices such as LED lights and motion sensors.

Integrating Your Custom IoT Solutions

There is no limit when it comes to Igor’s support for IoT connected devices. Igor’s IoT platform, Nexos, will allow you to connect and control a variety of smart building technology solutions:

  • Smart locks
  • Gunshot detection
  • Emergency lighting
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Smart thermostats

This list barely scratches the surface when it comes to smart building technology. Igor’s integration capabilities are nearly limitless, and all functions are organized in one simple IoT system. From Igor’s PoE lighting solutions to non-IP smart devices, you’ll be able to monitor and control all of your IoT connected devices from a single dashboard.

Step 2: Using the IoT Platform to Set Up a Space of Connected PoE Devices

Once connected, use the Igor Software Gateway to create spaces, such as a room or specified area, and select the devices that are associated with that space. Spaces allow users to control and define settings for groups of devices.

Controlling the Space and Devices Through Policies

Spaces can be customized even further using policies. Policies are rules which allow the user to create settings unique to a space or group of spaces. One common policy that makes a building more energy efficient is setting up an occupancy timeout. Once elapsed, the space will be set to unoccupied mode, turning off lights and other devices. Policies can also be applied to specific devices. Learn more about the possibilities at your fingertips with Igor’s smart building automation solutions.

Step 3: Customizing Scenes and Schedules in Your Building with Nexos

Fully customize buildings using Igor’s action sets, scenes and schedules. These will work alongside spaces to optimize each area for the desired environment. With schedules, the user can define when lights, occupancy sensors or security cameras should be active, and at what configuration. Lights can be programmed to turn on many different ways and at a variety of brightness and white lighting levels, to name just a few configuration options.

Additional Igor Services for Efficiency

Igor’s PoE technology also includes a variety of additional services that make the IoT ecosystem more efficient and ensures IoT connected devices are safe from other networks. Services include the Igor Emergency Lighting Support, which allows the user to designate emergency lights that will connect to the Uninterruptible Power Supply and enter lower-power mode in the event of a power disruption.

Using Dashboards to Detect Inefficiencies

With Igor’s IoT platform, Nexos, your device nodes, Software Gateway and secure cloud storage seamlessly integrate to provide real time data and analytics from every PoE device connected to your network.. The Nexos dashboard allows users to review data about light usage, motion sensor activation and much more.

This data provides business owners with valuable insights about smart building efficiency. The dashboard is simple and user-friendly, enabling businesses to save money and time on support. Igor applications are designed to help you overcome inefficiencies and develop new technology applications so you can focus on your business.

Analytics are passively backed up every day and stored on a cloud-based system which can be accessed anywhere in the world. It’s simple to grant access to multiple users so building managers, engineers and even tenants can view necessary pieces of data.

Does Igor’s dashboard really help you save money?

Yes. Time and again Igor’s technology has helped businesses in a variety of industries save money by discovering inefficiencies which previously went undetected. The Igor team conducted a case study on a multi-tenant apartment building installation. The dashboard revealed that hallways and other spaces were never switching to unoccupied mode because the occupancy timeout was set too high. After making a few rounds of adjustments, annual lighting savings reached 86%.

The Nexos by Igor Difference

Igor’s Nexos IoT system is a hardware, software and analytics solution which enables developers to create new service applications for additional innovative uses throughout spaces and smart buildings. The simple user interface allows individuals to connect devices and pair them with the best-fit application for optimizing the environment, saving money and creating a smarter building. To stay in the loop with Igor news and updates, sign up for our newsletter.

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