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How to Talk about Nexos with your Customers

January 4, 2021


The evolution of technology has changed the way buildings are built and maintained. Buildings are transitioning into being more human centric and improving operational costs. Igor’s flexible and scalable technology platform allows us to meet the needs of the customer. Every project and every customer are different, so having different messages for customers allows us to have broader range of potential projects. Most of the time a customer will be focused on one of two things: cost or technology.   


When cost is the main concern, Igor’s messaging is providing a cost-effective control platform to meet energy code while also future proofing the building to meet “Day 2” technology demands. When comparing the installation process, Igor is a cost-effective, low-voltage PoE control system that saves time and costs when compared to traditional line-voltage installations. The initial savings compared to a line-voltage networked lighting control system and the ability to easily add on technology capabilities after the installation is complete appeals to many customers.  


When an owner’s priority is technology, Igor can act as the technology platform to deliver a smart building. With the ability to power, control, and communicate with various end devices such as lighting, shades, and IoT sensors, Igor serves as this IoT backbone. Igor gives the ability for owners to manage, control, and provide insights into their spaces. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on the industry and many companies have been forced to adapt. Fortunately, Igor is an agile company and is flexible enough to make strategic pivots. Our core business pre-COVID was commercial office, but now with the office vertical drastically impacted it forced us to explore other market verticals where Igor could add value. 


Healthcare, education, and industrial verticals have been a major focus for Igor and has brought success. In the healthcare vertical our solution is around increasing patient satisfaction and increasing employee productivity. Igor can integrate lighting, shades, and temperature from a single point of control, implement circadian rhythm to help fixtures mimic the natural light outside, and provide real time location services so nurses and doctors can find assets quicker.  


Education verticals allow us to improve student engagement and safety. Our platform allows us to integrate with security, sensors, remote notification, and egress lighting in an active shooter event. In the classroom, students can be more engaged and healthier with tunable white fixtures and a more comfortable environment with shade and HVAC integration.  

Industrial & Data Centers 

The industrial vertical is relatively new for Igor, but we have been making some good strides to tap into this growing market. With more and more warehouses being built to support the increasing online demand, making these facilities smarter and optimizing the space is important for customers. By reducing energy to save costs, wayfinding to improve productivity, and utilization to use the space more effectively, these are just some of the ways Igor can add value to the industrial market.  


Visit our Markets & Case Studies page to see how Igor’s Nexos IoT Smart Building Platform can serve specific markets with successful outcomes.