Connected Lighting Solution

Igor Announces Next Gen Connected PoE Lighting Solution

July 6, 2016

Pioneering breakthroughs led to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) intelligent lighting solution adaptable to any LED lighting fixture.

Our recent announcement of a connected lighting system is an important step forward for Igor, but also for the PoE lighting solution movement.  Our newest product combines the proven technology built into Igor’s previous PoE products, such as its patented daisy chain capability, and presents it in a market-centric and cost effective package. It is a PoE solution that combines three years of PoE product development expertise with close customer input to ensure this latest generation solution delivers on both the functional requirements as well as the price point demanded by the marketplace. Our new solution is gaining so much buzz in the marketplace that Cisco invited Igor to join their Digital Ceiling Partners Eco-System.

Igor’s research into customer input revealed significant barriers to entry for smart connected lighting systems. System complexity and high costs of adding advanced controls to existing lighting platforms has prevented widespread adoption of connected lighting solutions such as PoE. Furthermore, a need for flexibility of input-output (IO) connectivity is essential for any connected lighting system since there are no industry standards among lighting and sensor manufacturers.

Igor’s new groundbreaking node design incorporates a core network card with a customizable daughter card to cost effectively address diverse device I/O requirements.  Igor’s node design allows OEM’s to optimize Igor’s solution for a wide range of device IO requirements without requiring custom manufacturing of a device specific PoE driver or costly over-engineering of a generic PoE light/device driver.

Even more exciting, the novel node design means that Igor’s integrated PoE solution is now compatible with nearly every type of LED lighting fixture, light switches and sensors currently available today, and can easily adapt as future market requirements change. By eliminating the need to manufacture unique PoE device drivers designed to support the diversity of lighting IO standards on the market, Igor’s newest product now offers a PoE solution that is both ubiquitous as well as highly cost competitive.

The combination of our latest generation of PoE drivers and advanced lighting control software has given Igor the edge when speaking to lighting industry decision-makers. Indeed, we will announce several tie-ups with lighting industry leaders when we officially launch our new PoE solution next month. In addition to enabling a global reseller channel, Igor is licensing our technology to luminaire manufacturers. They will market Igor-enabled PoE lights and sensors, along with our advanced lighting control software and energy analytics, under their own brand via their established sales channels.

In our drive to expand the boundaries of PoE technology, Igor's newest solution is the first to offer all of the critical elements essential for a successful connected lighting solution: (1) open architecture and truly fixture agnostic, (2) powerful automated software tools for ease of installation and configuration, (3) data collection with advanced cloud analytics and (4) a breakthrough price point per fixture that delivers extraordinary value to the customer.

We are excited to be a leader in bringing to market critically needed solutions that dramatically reduces energy usage and a building’s carbon footprint, replaces products made with chemicals that are harmful to the environment and improves the safety and comfort of the building we live and work in.