Igor Partner Feature: Brightline

February 12, 2019

Recently, Sam Cercone, Owner and Managing Partner of Brightline, spoke with Igor about the developing partnership between the two companies and how Brightline’s advanced videoconference and broadcast lighting solutions are adapting to the PoE smart building marketplace.

Background on Brightline

A classroom with Brightline's products

Brightline is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast and videoconferencing based out of Pennsylvania. Brightline serves the global market by providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions for their clients’ video conferencing needs. For over twenty years, Brightline has developed a reputation for its high-quality and market-leading products, in part thanks to a strong emphasis on innovation in the company culture.

Several years ago, as Cercone learned about the Cisco Digital Ceiling initiative, he foresaw the technological revolution and its immense opportunity. “Our mission is to enable communication through clarity,” said Cercone, “to continually deliver that with the most effective technologies requires forward-looking flexibility.”

Working with Igor & PoE

Adopting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capabilities was the logical next step in a history of innovations of lighting systems that best facilitate communications. With the decision made to pursue the digital ceiling opportunities through PoE capabilities in its product lineup, the next step was to determine the best PoE technology provider. After evaluating a few different PoE technologies, Brightline chose to work with Igor’s PoE platform.

The quality of Igor’s technology was a leading factor in the decision. Igor’s PoE-based intelligent lighting controls had many proven applications throughout the market, making the decision an easy one for the Brightline team. Additionally, Igor’s emphasis on the full smart building vision was an indication that Igor’s technology would continue to evolve with the market, and allow Brightline’s clients to adopt smart building technology that would work smoothly with Brightline’s high-quality video conferencing lighting. This connectivity would bring Brightine’s products into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and open doors on all the possible applications of its technology.

Cercone also included additional criteria in his decision. “We put our clients first, and we want to work with people who share our values,” Cercone said. The strong personal relationships and attentive customer service were another deciding factor in choosing to work with Igor and its team.

Since beginning the partnership, Cercone’s team has started to implement its PoE-based videoconferencing lighting into client projects. One recent project was at Carousel Industries, a commercial integrator. Clients have been thrilled with the results of adding videoconference lighting to their connected smart building network, calling it “a game changer.” Additional projects are being implemented in various settings such as council chambers, large meeting rooms, and more.

Looking Ahead Conference room with Brightline lights

It’s clear that customers who embrace technology and connectivity are excited about adding PoE video conference lighting to their smart building technologies. “While there’s still a learning curve regarding PoE, particularly with regard to high-end specialty lighting like Brightline,” said Cercone, "The tide is changing and we should begin to experience a rapid increase in PoE adoption rate.” As Brightline completes each new customer installation with Igor’s PoE technology, they are noticing an increase in the word-of-mouth enthusiasm for PoE.

“There is a shift going on in the market,” Cercone pointed out, “Market acceptance of PoE as a way of achieving a complete smart conference room is growing. From what I see, demand will only increase. The digital ceiling is becoming a reality and we’re proud to work with Igor to be leaders in this space.”

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