Nexos 6.3

Keeping Your Building Spaces Healthy and Efficient

April 7, 2022


Building operators and owners are looking to manage costs by improving efficiencies – yet there is a balance to ensure that the space meets the needs of its occupants.  In Igor’s most current releases from 6.0 to 6.3, a new “light pulse” feature warns the occupant if the sensors did not detect any motion in the room before turning off the lights.

Feature 1: Vacant or occupied? ... “pulse the lights” 

Help your building tenant by configuring an “Occupant Warning”. When a space (i.e., conference room) goes vacant, the Occupant Warning will pulse the lights of a space to alert any remaining occupants that the light levels will be defaulting to the space’s unoccupied settings. After the lights blink, occupants in the room can move around to reset the timer to the space.  

What’s the default? With one or more motion sensors, the default is 15 minutes.  If all the sensors report that there is no motion, a system timer is kicked off.  When the timer counts down to 0, the lights pulse – after waiting one more minute, they turn off to save energy and support sustainability initiatives.   

Can I change the default? Yes! Improve the occupant experience by changing the default timer so they are not left in the dark – this is especially important in bathrooms. 

Feature 2: Vacant or occupied?... “green light, red light” 

Make it easy for employees to look down the hallway and see which rooms are open for collaboration to help ensure efficient use of their time and avoiding awkward meeting disruptions.  

Nexos smart building solution understands if no one is in the conference room space - the light above the room turns green and it’s open for use!  If the light is red, it is occupied.  The “spaces” feature in the Nexos Gateway software can automatically execute a set of customized actions on occupied and vacant “space events”. 

To learn about other new features in the 6.0 to 6.3 releases like, cyber-security, operational efficiencies, CPU health monitoring, increased connectivity and more contact your Igor Sales Director or send an email to (or call 515-661-4412).