Leverage Energy Data

March 11, 2015

Insights on energy data can lead to improved decision-making for companies that want to keep energy costs down.  Big Data might be all the buzz—but, to put it simply, vast quantities of information are useless without innovative forms of information processing to harness important insights.

How can you leverage energy data to reduce energy costs for your company?

Understanding Energy Data Buildings account for over 40% of the world’s energy use, so it’s increasingly important to find solutions to make usage more efficient. A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based tool which allows building managers to monitor and manage a facility’s operational performance including managing lighting systems.  But in fact, 80% of facility managers only use about 20% of their system’s functionality. There is immense opportunity for improvement in this area, but facility managers need proper tools to manage the vast amount of energy data being collected in their systems.

The Igor Solution By using a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, such as Igor’s lighting software solution, lighting management and data analytics can be leveraged to monitor energy consumption and provide improved operational efficiency. This leads to lower energy costs and ultimately an improved return on investment for lighting installation and maintenance.

How does it work? The Igor system tracks usage information using a data collection method which helps buildings such as schools, hospitals, apartment buildings and data centers find ways to use energy more efficiently. The software that Igor designs interacts with lighting systems to create opportunities for energy efficiency, which leads to cost savings.

With the right tools to analyze energy data, managers are becoming more effective at controlling their energy costs, lighting systems are becoming more efficient, and businesses are reaping the rewards by reducing costs that detract from the bottom line. Ultimately, drawing insights on energy usage by using the right tools puts managers in control and leads to real savings, which is something that any smart business can get behind.

For more information about how Igor’s SaaS Lighting Software solution can save you 75-80% of your lighting costs, please contact us.