Nexos 6.0

Nexos 5.0 to 6.0 Features and Updates

October 4, 2021


Igor is excited to announce the release of our software update, Nexos 6.0 which provides our customers with numerous new features and benefits that expand on the Nexos secure open architecture. Enabling building growth via a low voltage power over Ethernet (PoE) backbone, this robust and secure system allows rapid performance and support for thousands of devices, future-proofing spaces. To better understand the additional features included in this software update, check out the highlights below.


Building Efficiency Features

New Expanded IoT Support in the Igor Gateway

With this Nexos update, users have increased support capabilities within the software. The update features NFC card reader support and compatibility with Ivani devices. For example, when a person swipes a badge to gain building access, the tag draws power from the device reading them through magnetic induction. When the reader is in close enough proximity, the tag is energized and can then transfer the needed data, opening the door. This feature leads to a more efficient and secure access system for a building.

Using Nexos in connection with Ivani devices and sensors helps users and building management assess several operational factors. The capabilities of the sensors include motion detection, lighting control, and daylight level monitoring. This helps building operations make more informed decisions regarding space usage and management as well as improve the energy efficiency of building systems.

Improved Open API to Comunicate with Other Building Management Software

The Nexos 6.0 software update covers the Developer API, OpenID Connect Support, and Network Presence Technology.

  • Developer API provides protection to the platform architecture with users only having access if they are in an owner or administrative role.
  • OpenID Connect Support is an open authentication protocol allowing clients to confirm an end user’s identity with an authorization server.
  • Users can import third-party custom data files via the open API. This data is then securely passed directly to the Nexos Cloud Platform to support unique customer environments.

Improved Efficiency with Action Sets

To better increase building efficiency and save time for facilities staff, this Nexos update features powerful commands to execute action sets. For example, if a motion sensor has not detected any movement within a certain time frame, this can trigger the lights in a space to shut off or adjust the temperature within a space. With this automation in place, a facilities team can more effectively manage their time without worrying about these now automated tasks.

Custom Event Display with Informative Spaces Function

The Informative Spaces Function in Igor’s Gateway software provides users additional visibility and flexibility to manage any of their IoT connected devices. With clear visualization of device information, customers can closely monitor the different events occurring throughout the day from each device, leading to smarter building decisions and improved efficiency.

Astronomical Clock Support

To better help customers engage in sustainable light and energy saving practices, Nexos 6.0 delivers astronomical clock support to help users customize schedules based on latitude and longitude. This feature allows built-in support for customizable “working days” schedules rather than having to adhere to a Monday through Friday timeline by factoring in information regarding time zones. The support gives users the option to execute schedules at both sunrise and sunset giving precise control to adjust several aspects within a space to accommodate the needs of building occupants in various locations.

Enhanced Communication and Messaging for Administrators

To improve building management control for administrators, Nexos 6.0 introduces several intelligent messaging and communication features. For example, with this software update, an administrator receives communication whenever someone attempts to install a test build or during a system upgrade back-up to the database. The notification keeps management alerted to the additions or changes occurring, which they may not have been aware of previously without this communication.

With Nexos 6.0, administrators also have greater control when it comes to Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). These users can view PSE type in the node system properties to understand what type of network switch the node is connected to, as well as to see the nodes are calibrated properly. Armed with

this information, administrators can be sure they have a smoothly running system with no errors.

Nexos 6.0 updates also pertain to potential network changes and device issues. Self-heal properties within the software detect network changes on the server and fall back to a prior network configuration if an error is found. Additionally, while self-quarantining devices may exceed a data threshold before administrators address the issue, the Igor system will continue to run and keep buildings operational without issue from the device. These updates provide further precautions against potential security or system issues that may occur.


User Experience Features

Individualized Support for End User Accounts

Nexos is designed with flexibility and customizability in mind. With this vision, the newest updates to Nexos provide the greatest level of customizability yet. Role Based Access Controls enable end users such as building tenants and occupants to have individual control over their spaces. With their own unique username and password, occupants can set their preferences for lighting, temperature, and more to create optimal comfort.

Daylight Harvesting Zoning

While previous software updates included daylight harvesting capabilities, Nexos 6.0 goes beyond these standard features to enable zoning. Using daylight harvesting zones configured in the software by a single keystroke enables reduced energy usage and creates a more comfortable environment for building occupants. This new feature provides a superior level of customization paired with easy-to-use controls.

Light Dimming Customization

With Nexos 6.0, administrators have additional ability to customize lighting levels. With precision, administrators can now adjust lighting from 1%, 0.1%, and 0.01%, creating extensive flexibility. This deep dimming of lights allows for greater individualized control for users and occupants as they now have fine grain control of the lighting in their space.


Security Features

Implementation of Powerful Encryption Technologies

This Nexos software update adds additional security and protection measures to protect the safety of occupants and data with Transport Layer Security, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, and layered security with AES256 and RSA4096.

  • Transport Layer Security encrypts data sent over the internet to limit the ability of hackers to view the information. With this layer of protection building operators can have confidence their building information and data is safe from a breach.
  • Message Queuing Telemetry Support provides reliable bi-directional communication and message delivery between the Nexos Gateway and other applications. It is a scalable standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). Designed as an extremely lightweight and flexible messaging transport, it is ideal for connecting remote devices with a small code footprint using minimal network bandwidth to transfer messages quickly.
  • Layered security using AES256 and RSA4096 protects building data. AES256 is an open standard used by the US government for protecting secure data. The same key used to encrypt the electronic data is used to decrypt the data which keeps information protected for the intended owner. RSA4096 is also a utilized encryption technology that is layered into the software ensuring information is intended for the correct user.

These features expand upon the previously available security features of Nexos to provide greater peace of mind and protection for building systems.

Next Generation IPv6 to HTTP2.0

Nexos 6.0 makes use of the most current internet protocol IPv6 and HTTP2.0 to securely protect communication between the browser and server from being intercepted and tampered with by attackers. Customers can feel confident their data and information are safe and will be transmitted securely.

Streamlined Commissioning Support

With the addition of these enhanced features, Igor continues to put customer service at the forefront of priorities. To provide a more streamlined commissioning process, Nexos 6.0 contains two support specific features, the Node Configuration Manager and Constrained Application Protocol. The Node Configuration Manager provides extensive electronic support during installation of the Gateway software, network nodes, and devices. With the Configuration Manager, each item is shown as a device object in a list, making it intuitive for the installer to identify each item. The Constrained

Application Protocol improves the discovery of devices by specifying how low power computer-constrained devices operate with IoT. This feature with its low power draw and network overhead, confirm its reliability in a low bandwidth, high congestion environment.

What Does This Matter?

With customizability, flexibility, and data security at the forefront of customer desires for technology, Igor responded with several updates to Nexos to meet these needs. A platform with numerous security measures in place, Nexos can be trusted to keep data secure and building occupants safe. Several updates enhance the customizability of spaces from lighting control to temperature, to room occupancy. These features go above and beyond traditional environments to create superior experiences for building occupants that improve productivity, health, and wellness. Overall, the Nexos 6.0 software update will optimize building performance, improve efficiencies, and help users streamline operations. Nexos 6.0 exceeds many current market offerings and provides a secure, robust solution that meets the needs of the present, and the future.