Partner Profile: BC Network

October 28, 2019

Background on BC Network

BC Network is an IT infrastructure company that has more than 15 years of design and implementation experience in the Costa Rican market. They have specialized in structured cabling, IP Networks, electronic security, strategic consulting, and more. This made BC Network a natural fit in the Igor Ecosystem as one of the first Certified Partners outside of the United States. Igor spoke with Henry Jimenez, CEO at BC Network, about the company’s decision to work with Igor and one of their recent projects with CODISA.

Working with Igor & PoE

The topic of exploring new technology arose when BC Network decided to replace their current lighting and ceiling systems in their office in San Jose, Costa Rica.  As they specialized in structured cabling, the leadership at BC Network saw an opportunity to embrace some of the newest technology in their remodel: Power-over-Ethernet lighting and smart building technology.

Before installing Igor’s technology, BC Network faced several challenges typical in standard buildings today. The ability to control their lighting was limited to the on/off options in their office environment. Any changes to lighting was a manual process, and there was no ability to automate actions in their office environment.

They evaluated several PoE technology companies during this process and chose to work with Igor for a variety of reasons, including: the easy installation, standard options, and the ability to use any light in their office design. In addition to these benefits, there was one more major factor when selecting Igor: The ability to go beyond lighting and to create the backbone required for a smart building.

With an open API, software solutions, and the ability to connect any device, such as sensors, fans, and more, Igor was the complete package. The two companies worked closely together to design the office space and train the BCNetwork team on Igor’s technology and solutions.

CODISA office with Igor's technology


Since installing Igor’s PoE Technology, they have seen immediate improvements in their office environment. Their lighting upgrade allows for sensors to automate their lighting actions. They can set their environments to dim, change color temperature, and automatically turn on or off to save energy and improve the working environment. They can easily control their outdoor lights via the Gateway software, and they can control the 110V outlet in the space where they have TVs using a relay in the office.

This is just the beginning. In their own office space, they continue to experiment and expand what is controlled with PoE cables and Igor’s technology. Next steps include automating their HVAC controls and other building devices outside of lighting. They are leading the way in implementing PoE lighting and smart building technology with their own customers as well, including CODISA.

 “This technology is brand new in Costa Rica,” said Jimenez, “People and businesses need to know this is the future for lighting systems.”

BC Network, being fully trained on the design, installation, and software programming of this technology are the leading local experts in PoE smart building management for their community.

Watch BC Network in action:

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