PoE Lighting: Just a Fad or a Sound Business Move?

February 3, 2015

In an era of unprecedented technological innovations, it can be difficult to know when a new technology will be a fad or become widely adopted as a sound business move. The Segway that was once hailed as the future of transportation is now relegated to very small, niche markets. However, the music industry is a great example of progressive improvements and innovations, from the record to the cassette tape, to the CD and MP3 players, and now to the cloud and streaming. This is an example of technological changes that presented strong business opportunities at those periods in time – each method of listening to music lasted decades. Companies that adopted the new technology early became leaders in their industry. Technological change is not something to fear, but to strategically embrace.

The lighting industry is in a very similar transition. It has evolved over time, but more slowly than other industries. The incandescent bulb stems from the late 1800s, and it wasn’t until the 1960s that the beginnings of LED technology began. By the 1990s, scientists began developing an LED that could be commercially viable.

The invention of the LED has been the key to unlock the viability of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Ethernet wiring has existed for decades, and upon the development of LED lighting – which uses significantly fewer watts than traditional lighting has made PoE LED lighting viable. By the early 21st century, Cisco began pioneering the idea of combining PoE with LED and reached out to Igor’s founder – Dwight Stewart – to begin developing the software to make Intelligent PoE Lighting Control a real solution. Because LED has brought the amount of watts used to new lows, PoE ports that support 60 watts now can support tens of devices and lights. This means that a traditional Ethernet switch has several ports can support hundreds of devices.

All of this combines into one conclusion: PoE is a smart business move. The cost savings are real, the control software is reliable, and some of the biggest players in the tech world have indicated their support for this technology. It is the energy management system of the future, and companies that adopt it early on will reap higher returns on their investment than those who lag the market. Where do you want your company to be?

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