Predictions for Power-over-Ethernet Lighting in 2015

February 10, 2015

Here at Igor, we have taken the time to reflect upon the successes and challenges in the Power-over-Ethernet lighting movement which were learned in 2014, and are working to harness the momentum of success into another year of growth in 2015.

As 2015 begins, there is a lot of optimism about the future of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).  While considering the current momentum with PoE technology, and the changing landscape in energy consumption and control, we have come up with four major predictions for PoE this year.

  1. PoE will become a much more widely recognized acronym. Over the course of the past year, typically only those deeply involved with energy management understood what PoE stood for. As alternative systems of managing energy consumption continue to go mainstream, we foresee this changing.
  2. PoE will be adopted by large companies. The ease of adoption, significant energy savings, and the ability to set controls to manage vast energy systems will be too difficult to ignore. The perks of the PoE system – including easy installation and ease of retrofitting outdated systems – can help companies decrease their costs and achieve greater efficiencies.

Better efficiencies = better bottom line = happier stakeholders

  1. Hospital and health systems will become especially interested in adopting PoE technologies. By utilizing Igor’s intelligent software, hospitals can control lighting settings for the safety and security of their patients to ensure that certain wings or hallways never fall below a certain level of light. Alternatively, they can set lighting settings to be in line with federal regulations and prevent human error from creating liability issues. Furthermore, with changes and pressures in the healthcare field to better manage costs, the PoE systems can provide a safe and reliable way of minimizing energy waste at a hospital.
  2. Igor will gain multiple new manufacturing partners – assisting them to secure the growing PoE LED lighting market with a turnkey solution. Igor is a unique company because it is a software only company and can partner with any manufacturer interested in being Igor-certified. The company already has several partners, but with continued interest in PoE technology and an increasing number of large customers, more manufacturers will see PoE as a way of diversifying their offerings. For information on becoming an Igor Manufacturing Partner please review our Manufacturing Partner page [hyperlinked].

Ultimately, we at Igor are hopeful and confident that we will see another great year ahead.  We look forward to working with the partners we have, and meeting the new partners yet to come.  Hats off to PoE lighting in 2015!