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Selling a Smart Building IoT Platform: Don't Go It Alone

June 23, 2021


By Craig Getchell, Business Development Director, West Region

IoT platforms encompass several traditional and next generation systems that simplify infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, and lower costs. With so many impactful benefits that can be gained from implementing smart building solutions, it can be easy to assume that everyone involved in a building project is more than ready to adopt and implement these technologies. But the truth is, the traditional construction industry can often be resistant to change, especially in areas around technology.

The effort to move the construction industry away from leveraging a disparate collection of smart systems towards a fully integrated IoT platform is a team effort.

There is a concept in Market Based Management called a Virtual Cycle of Mutual Benefit or as I like to say an “Engine”. When I want to penetrate a vertical or region, I build an Engine consisting of the low voltage installers & designers, lighting distributors, solutions architects, and manufacturers that all gain as we move more and more native DC devices off traditional 277/110 AC infrastructure.

The Engine provides several benefits:

Identifying real project opportunities.

One of my three key factors in IoT project success is early access during the design phase of a project. You’ll often hear me say if you see steel and concrete coming out of the ground you are too late. More eyes and ears making the effort to locate projects still early in the design phase will accelerate growth for all.

Establishing value across the project teams.

Once an opportunity is identified you can approach it from several angles: the owner, the owners’ representatives, architect, engineer and so on. Team members from multiple sources presenting your solutions and your value to the project will increase the chance of gaining an audience with key decision makers.

Bringing greater expertise and experience.

As you work the opportunity not only are you selling the value of the products, but also the skills, experience and plans for success that the entire team brings. Always keep in mind that as part of an Engine you’re far more powerful than a single entity trying to convince an entire project team that you can do it all on your own.


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Craig serves as Business Development Director at Igor. Prior to joining Igor, Craig founded his own consulting company in the smart building space and worked as a Business Development Leader at other PoE lighting companies before founding the EDGE building Intelligence group in September of 2019. Craig has developed several successful methodologies for implementing new ideas in technology into the traditional construction vertical. He specializes in IP technologies for base building system and his experience spans over 100 commercial office, hospitals, manufacturing, retail and residential projects. Craig is commencing his 19th year in the intelligent building industry and over 25 years in enterprise technology solutions.