Adopting Connected Lighting

Simplicity Key to Adopting Connected Lighting

June 2, 2016

When industry research shows that the adoption of advanced connected lighting controls is poised to quadruple in the next four years, yet smart lighting has yet to break even 5% market share, it follows that significant barriers to widespread adoption remain.

Power over Ethernet Lighting is a Reality

Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is no longer an abstract concept of the future - it is a technology recognized and understood by industry decision makers as the next step toward truly smart lighting. The human, environmental, and cost benefits of combining PoE technology with LED lighting has been discussed in business circles for years. As the technology develops, the quantification of cost and energy savings becomes more compelling - for example, a fully installed Igor system is at least 20% less expensive than a traditional LED system with controls, and once installed, can provide an additional 60% energy savings on an ongoing basis when compared to LED lighting alone.

Barriers to Selling Advanced Lighting Controls

To many decision-makers, cost benefits are an important part of the process of deciding whether or not to invest in a new technology, but it is not the only consideration. Lighting companies show interest in adopting new technology as a means of differentiation, IT businesses seek ways to add diversity to their portfolio of local services, and companies need to find new ways to boost their bottom line. This reveals a market primed, ready, and interested in adopting advanced lighting controls. So what has been standing in the way of an eager market and the product?

In a word: complexity. In many instances, technological advancement has led to increased complexity for the end user. Imagine any conference room with multiple remote controls, wall switches, and methods of connecting devices and the frustration that can happen when a meeting is held up because the complexity prevents the user from accessing the full benefits of the technology.

The Igor PoE Technology Simplifies Sales and Installation

What Igor provides goes beyond energy savings. Igor’s system is a true plug-and-play technology that allows users to understand, intuitively, how to manage their connected lighting from the start. Dangerous electrical cords are replaced with ubiquitous ethernet cords, which can literally plug into new lighting and go.  The software is simple to use, so that anyone who can operate a smart phone will feel familiar with the interface.  The technology is built with patent-pending daisy-chain capabilities that - in simple terms - creates standardization among devices to allow any lighting to become compatible with the system.

What Igor brings to the table is simplicity. From plugging in devices, to setting the controls, Igor adds value while reducing complexity in a way that no other company can match.