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Sinclair Hotel Case Study

November 19, 2020


Quote from FarukhIn the hospitality industry, guests are looking for innovative and luxurious experiences that are memorable. As a result, the industry has embraced Power over Ethernet lighting and IoT smart building controls to set the new standard for excellent guest experiences. Hotels are using PoE and IoT to set themselves apart from the competition and provide their guests with unforgettable customizable experiences. The Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas embraced PoE and IoT to bring guests a truly remarkable experience through the world’s first all-digital hotel.

Sinclair Holdings had a vision: to turn a 1929 historic building into an upscale luxury hotel. While the original plan was to rely on traditional AC lighting, they soon turned to look for more innovative options to transform the hotel into a luxurious, unique experience for guests. 

During the search, the company discovered low-voltage Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology being used to transform buildings across the world and knew this was the solution for the hotel.

Sinclair Room

As featured on The Today Show, the guest experience is streamlined and elevated. Guests do not know that PoE is the backbone for the interconnected smart solutions, but they benefit from the luxury it affords all guests at The Sinclair Hotel. Guests benefit from the innovative digital design of the hotel, Sinclair benefits from the energy and cost savings. By implementing PoE technology, The Sinclair Hotel saved 40% on utility bills from decreased energy consumption, creating a more sustainable and efficient building. In the hotel, significant energy is saved due to the automatic actions in each room. Throughout the day, automated actions in the room can be triggered such as closing the shades, turning off a TV that was left on, or adjusting the thermostat to decrease the energy consumption required to operate the hotel.

Sinclair Lobby

PoE technology transformed The Sinclair Hotel into the world’s first all-digital hotel. This technology connects all partners involved, including: Igor, Cisco, Intel, Voltserver, LG, Superior Essex, SAS, Somfy, and others. With over 7,000 connections using PoE technology, including lighting, window shades, shower controls, TVs and more. The opportunities are endless.

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