FAQ on Igor's Gateway Software 5.0 Release

August 1, 2019

Igor's Director of Technology, Jaryd, sits down to answer the most frequently asked questions about the latest Gateway Software 5.0 Release. 

What devices are added, and how is this different from before?

There are two new groups of devices that are now much easier to add and commission in our software: Actuators and IoT Sensors. These two groups encompass a lot of devices that you may encounter when designing or installing a smart building.

Actuators are abstract objects that can be used to control a variety of devices connected to Igor Nodes, or even to third party software or devices. This can include shade controls, ceiling fans, small motors, meters, and more. Included in this software release is native support for Somfy and qMotion window shades. 

Adding a generic IoT Sensor product group expands Igor’s supported sensor library to include nearly every sensor available to buildings today. The addition of IoT sensors now allows any abstract object that can provide event-driven data from a variety of devices connected to Igor nodes, or even custom 3rd party software or devices.

By adding these devices, it is going to be a lot easier to commission and set-up a smart building. It also expands the universe of possible devices and brands you can have in a building. API integrations will also be much easier now that these product groups are part of the standard library of devices available in Nexos.

Gateway software showcasing usage data

What features are you most excited about?

First of all, having a highly responsive user interface means that this software works incredibly well on any screen size - whether you're on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, our software is designed to be flexible and intuitive.  

I am very excited about the ability to create space groups in the software. This is one of the biggest changes we have in this release. It makes managing a building of any size so much easier. Group rooms or spaces by  the floor they are on, or by their function (such as a hallway) to apply rules and actions across larger sets of spaces much more quickly. It is now more intuitive than ever to commission and manage a building using Igor’s technology.

And, I don’t mean to brag, but our search function is incredibly useful and powerful. It will search system-wide for any object, device, space, space group, action set – really, everything – for the items that match the search term. Find whatever you need by searching with the MAC or IP address, full or partial name, or whatever you think will help you find what you’re looking for. It seems small, and a lot of companies who produce building management software don’t put a lot of effort into their search functions, but it plays a huge role in making our software easy to use.

How do I upgrade my software?

For most people, it is a simple software update. If you have a software version between 4.2.0 – 4.5.3, it is a direct upgrade to 5.0.

However, there are a couple of extra steps if the software detected is older or runs on UPnP devices. The Version 5 installer will not allow your gateway software to be upgraded if UPnP devices are detected. So, if your installation contains UPnP devices, you will first have to be running any version between 4.2.0 – 4.5.3 gateway software and then upgrade any UPnP nodes to at least 6.0.1.

Additionally, there is no direct upgrade path from versions before 4.2. If you’re running a Gateway version prior to 4.2, you will need to upgrade to any version between 4.2.0 – 4.5.3 before upgrading to 5.

And for all users, .NET Framework 4.7.2 and Microsoft SQL Server Express 2017 are now required.

When I upgrade from the old UI to the new UI, will I have to reconfigure anything? Where will my data go?

All of your data will be there – devices, action sets, and whatever else you set up in the Igor Gateway before. You will not have to reconfigure anything because everything will continue as it was set up before without interruption. Of course, once the new software is installed you will have a lot more options and functionality. One of the first things you might want to do is create space groups and structure your building in a way that would be easier for you to manage.

Are there any firmware updates?

Firmware updates are released independently of the gateway software, however, to take advantage of the new actuator and IoT sensor objects for devices connected to Igor nodes, you will need to ensure you are running at least version 7.1.0 or later of the firmware.

How can I learn more about the new software?

All our partners and end-users have access to download the Software 5.0 Release notes and updated documentation. If you are a partner and did not receive the email with this information, reach out to your business development contact at Igor for help. If you are on a service support package, you can reach out to the support team for additional help.  All Igor University sessions will reflect the new software moving forward and are also a great way to get a thorough understanding of all of Igor’s technology which includes instruction on our hardware, software, and cloud services.

If you are not a partner or current end-user, you can request more information or sign up for our newsletter. And, to see the technology live, keep tabs on Igor’s event page – our marketing and sales teams will be bringing the software to future shows and events. That’s a great way to see what we do and answer any questions you may have!