PoE and IoT Monthly Update

This Month in PoE and IoT: March Updates

March 21, 2018

Looking for a roundup of top PoE and IoT news? We’re sharing some of our favorite articles and news about what’s happening in the industry. This month has been filled with IoT advancements that are changing the way we think about smart technology. From smart cities to healthcare, check out what’s new with IoT.

Using Streetlights to Make Cities Smarter

LED lights on a bridge.

Photo Credit: Internet of Business

Smart street lights are about to become more common worldwide. On top of their usual function, smart street lights also serve additional purposes; they act as WiFi hotspots, high-tech security cameras and other IoT devices. Here’s how five cities are going to be using street lights to make their cities more efficient:

  1. Huntington Beach, US
  2. Huntington Beach will be the first city to deploy Smart Fusion Poles which will not only power LED lights, but also store concealed antennas for increased wireless broadband connectivity.

  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. The Royal Botanic Garden and Domain will soon have new LED lights, along with free WiFi, ranger assistance push buttons, and electric vehicle charging stations. All of this is possible with their new Smart Node poles.

  5. New Delhi, India
  6. New smart poles in New Delhi, which are expected to be up this month, will provide LED lighting, WiFi connectivity and air pollution sensors.

  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  8. Dubai is adding new smart street lights as just one steps in the plan towards a smarter city. These lights will support autonomous driving, WiFi and more.

  9. Hongze County, China
  10. Three thousand new smart street lights in China will provide energy-efficient lighting, WiFi, security cameras and more IoT uses.

Learn more about how these smart street lights will be changing cities across the world.

New Smart Thermostat Is Revolutionizing Hotel Rooms Using IoT

Honeywell smart thermostat ad.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Honeywell released the new “Inncom e7” smart thermostat which is an “enterprise-grade environmental control and energy management solution.” The thermostat will not only control temperature in individual rooms but is a holistic IoT solution for maintaining patron comfort. Just by talking to the e7 smart thermostat, hotel patrons can open or close the blinds, request amenities and more. Check out Digital Trends’ breakdown of the functionality of the new smart thermostat.

Healthcare & IoT: Using IoT to Save Lives

IoT footwear in healthcare.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

IoT is now being incorporated into almost every industry one way or another. One industry that is seeing huge advances thanks to IoT is healthcare. At HIMSS18, a conference for health professionals which took place March 5th - 9th, many new technologies were showcased. CardioDiagnostics has created a wearable WiFi heart monitor that uses data analytics to detect abnormalities before they escalate. Sensoria Health is working on a smart footwear product which detects foot problems in patients with Diabetes and sends data to clinicians so they can intervene before problems become severe. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthcare applications of IoT. To learn more, visit Microsoft’s blog about IoT healthcare solutions.

What Does the Atlanta Office of the Future Look Like?

Atlanta office building.

Photo Credit: Bisnow

Join Bisnow on March 29th to learn about what the office of the future looks like. Hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry about attracting and retaining tenants in 2018. Speakers will be discussing how tenant demands are evolving, what type of office layouts are most popular, and the top markets for attracting tenants to your building. This event is being hosted at the Securities Centre in Atlanta. Visit Bisnow to learn more and register for the event.

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