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Intelligent Design & Construction: Creating a Future Proof Smart Strategy (Part III)


December 2nd, 2021


11:00PM - 12:30PM CT




Technology is evolving at an increasing rate, so much so that even today’s most highly evolved “smart” buildings will appear just “normal” in the next 3-5 years. Today, the majority of commercial buildings  in existence for 30 years or more, are in desperate need of a refresh. Retrofitting an existing building  to make it smart, attractive, comfortable, healthy, sustainable and cost-efficient can involve much more than just updating the aging HVAC, stepping up the lighting and putting in a few IoT sensors. In this series we look at a few of the most progressive examples of both new developments as well as retrofit projects and how they were accomplished.

Tech features of building systems are advancing so rapidly that a specified component may become functionally obsolete before a new project or retrofit is even completed. This session explores future ready intelligent design strategies considering standards, integration and the changing landscape of manufacturers and software providers.


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