Igor and HE Williams Partnership

H.E. Williams, Inc. and Igor Team up in PoE Partnership

October 17, 2017

H.E. Williams, Inc. selects Igor, Inc. as a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) software partner to produce a turnkey PoE lighting solution in the marketplace.

H.E. Williams, Inc. has announced Igor, Inc. as a preferred provider for their turnkey PoE lighting solution. In surveying multiple PoE providers, Igor’s technical support, matured hardware and software capabilities stood out to Williams. “PoE has become a mainstream topic of conversation at the design and specification level,” said Steve Kantra, VP of Sales at H.E. Williams, Inc. “This partnership comes as a response to increasing customer demand for a PoE lighting solution and will increase our brand value by offering a large portfolio of PoE products.”

PoE is a proven and trusted technology and is increasingly in-demand as connected lighting solutions gain industry adoption.  It really benefits everyone - the designers can create unique lighting experiences, the installation costs are dramatically lower, the occupants experience an optimized lighting experience and the business owners realize dramatically reduced energy costs from day one.

Advancements in technology and pricing have set the stage for PoE to be a successful controls option of the future, as evidenced by the growing global momentum of PoE via large network gear providers and VARS. Igor’s PoE plug-and-play software platform enables Williams to be one of the first independent lighting manufacturers to release a turn-key PoE solution that complements their portfolio of LED lighting products. With a shared vision for the future of lighting, Igor and Williams know that this partnership will provide tremendous and immediate value to their customers.  


About H.E. Williams, Inc.

Founded in 1921, Williams is a third generation, family-owned and operated U.S. manufacturer located in Carthage, Missouri.  For over 75 years, commercial lighting has been our core business. Serving all facets of the lighting industry and exceeding industry expectations, we develop new LED products while enhancing our legacy product lines and quickly responding to custom requests. Offering complete lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, Williams is committed to excellence in lighting with superior service.

Contact: Steve Kantra VP of Sales H.E. Williams, Inc.

Email: info@hew.com

hone: 417-358-4065 www.hew.com  

About Igor, Inc.

Igor’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology is a plug-and-play solution for the booming connected lighting market. Igor’s PoE solution integrates power and data in a single cable, eliminating the need for expensive electrical wiring and delivering building owners higher quality lighting and greater cost reduction than LED lighting alone. Igor’s PoE solution is fully integrated, yet modular, connecting any lighting manufacturer’s LED fixtures with sensors. Igor’s solution also includes a powerful cloud analytics option which can provide customizable dashboards detailing energy usage and sensor data to greatly enhance facility operational costs and efficiency. In addition to these advantages, Igor provides:

  • Scalable and flexible network and power infrastructure that is no longer constrained by AC power access,

  • Easy to reconfigure lighting to achieve optimal productivity without the costly rewiring by an electrician,

  • A centralized network optimized for continuous operation, eliminating power interruption and downtime, and

  • Superior lighting with up to 80% cost savings on installation and energy management. 

Email: info@igor-tech.com

Phone: 877-588-2650