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Hubbell Showcases Igor Solution at LIGHTFAIR

May 8, 2017
Originally posted on HUBBELL Lighting, Inc.

NX Distributed Intelligence, SpectraSync, PowerHUBB on Full Display

Greenville, SC – May 3, 2017 – Hubbell Control Solutions, a leader in lighting controls, will be showcasing new products, capabilities and relationships at this year’s LIGHTFAIR International convention in booth #1325.

“These new products and solutions are a significant indicator of Hubbell’s long-term commitment to offer customers greater flexibility when they are evaluating proprietary and open lighting and building automation communication systems,” said John DiNardi, general manager of components and technology at Hubbell Lighting Components. “The market for these solutions has matured and customers are ready to incorporate advanced lighting controls into lighting upgrades to accelerate cost savings and maximize the value of the upgrade investment.”

Here’s a sample of what visitors to Hubbell’s booth can expect to see.

NX Distributed Intelligence

Hubbell’s customers are looking for controls solutions that are flexible, meet evolving building codes and regulations, and provide additional control and monitoring functions that support and benefit their enterprise. The NX Distributed Intelligence device network has been expanded to offer lighting control applications that have been integrated into the luminaire, offer wireless options, scalability and reliability far beyond that of centrally controlled or highbred semi-distributed solutions.

“These new introductions extend the capabilities of our highly regarded NX Distributed Intelligence lighting control system to address the evolving market needs and provide a truly scalable solution that can address both simple and complex lighting control environments,” said Chris Bailey, vice president, lighting controls at Hubbell Control Solutions. “We’re excited to showcase how the system architecture is scalable, flexible and integrated. Simply put, there’s no other product available on the market that addresses standalone fixtures to full BAS integration in one system.”

Twelve new fixture-based solutions specifically designed for Hubbell’s portfolio of commercial and industrial luminaires are being presented. Arriving late 2017 are:

  • NX control modules – In-Fixture Inline, In-Fixture Offset, In-Fixture Low-Voltage and On-Fixture 7-pin twist lock
  • NX Radio – HubbNET radio module
  • NX sensors – slide mount for indoor, low mount for indoor, OMNI sensor for indoor, high mount for outdoor and low mount for outdoor
  • NX accessories – Fixture Dual SmartPORT™ Adapter and a dry contact module for input and output


SpectraSync has been developed to integrate with a broad portfolio of Hubbell Lighting’s commercial and architectural luminaires to enable dim-to-warm, tunable white and scheduled white strategies.

To facilitate compatibility with third-party control systems, SpectraSync provides designers with a flexible and elegant approach through simple 0-10V or DMX and Lutron® control protocols. When paired with Hubbell Control Solutions NX lighting controls, SpectraSync delivers a comprehensive solution that simplifies code compliance and set up through an optional Bluetooth® interface and mobile application.

**Visit Hubbell Lighting’s booth #1425 to see the full SpectraSync display.


PowerHUBB is an enterprise-level Power-Over-Ethernet (“PoE”) lighting and control platform that seamlessly integrates luminaires, sensors, human interfaces and software for a scalable intelligent building control solution at a competitive price. Hubbell Control Solutions is partnering with Igor, a leader in the plug-and-play PoE market, to develop the new PowerHUBB solution for the connected lighting market. PowerHUBB is a cornerstone component of Hubbell Lighting’s overarching strategy to “future proof” its luminaires. Customers will respond favorably to the plug-and-play nature of this offering, especially when it is combined with Hubbell Lighting's ability to identify the best fixture solution for the lighting need. PowerHUBB will also provide value to the end user by offering capacity for advanced control interfaces and immediate or future addition of building automation integration.

PowerHUBB is enabled by Igor's proprietary POE node that acts as an intelligent lighting hub by receiving power and data from the network switch. This is then passed along downstream to daisy-chained device nodes. As light fixtures and devices are connected to the network, the node will automatically discover and report those devices back to the system for easy plug-and-play functionality.

Igor's POE node technology is designed to overcome the complexities and high costs of lighting control software and hardware and make PowerHUBB a cost-effective solution. The Igor node incorporates a core network card with a customizable daughter card to cost-effectively address diverse device input-output ("IO") requirements. This is one of the specific advantages of Igor's technology -- the IO connectivity is highly flexible, making it an ideal solution in an environment where industry standards are fluid.

“With this agreement, Hubbell avails itself to new market opportunities by combining Igor’s enterprise-level smart lighting data platform with their comprehensive range of luminaires and sensors,” said Dwight Stewart, Igor founder, and chief technology officer.

“We are excited about partnering with Hubbell Lighting, a highly respected industry leader," said Steven L’Heureux, Igor chief executive officer, and president. "Hubbell’s selection of Igor for its PowerHUBB intelligent lighting product line validates Igor’s superior PoE technology and enables Hubbell to provide their customers a one-stop source for PoE enabled network connected LED luminaires.”

Hubbell Control Solutions will officially launch this product in late 2017.

Members of the media interested in a personalized booth experience are encouraged to contact Michael McCullough at to RSVP.