Igor Announces Nexos Gateway Software 5.0 Release

July 29, 2019

Igor’s announcement of the Gateway Software 5.0 Release includes many new features and usability updates to support the demands of enterprise-wide smart buildings.

Igor Gateway software 5.0“This software release is an extension of our vision for smart buildings and continues to build a strong foundation for the needs and requirements of the built world to come,” said Dwight Stewart, Founder and CTO of Igor.

The software updates reflect the acceleration of the market adoption of Power-over-Ethernet based smart building technology, “When we started working on smart building technology years ago, the installations were smaller - people test the technology with a conference room or one floor out of their multi-story building,” said Stewart. He continued, “Today we’re working on enterprise-wide technology adoption. Our software has always been strong, but with this release we’ve pushed it to exceed expectations.”

Combined with the hardware and cloud services, this enhancement to the Gateway software puts Igor’s Nexos IoT Smart Building platform at the forefront of smart building management and technology. It incorporates feedback from end-users and Igor’s ecosystem partners to add updates that are most relevant to the market today.

New Features and Enhancements

The first feature users of Igor’s technology will notice is the re-designed user interface and dashboard. The responsive new gateway interface automatically adapts to the size of the screen, such as mobile and tablets, for maximum usability from any device. Buttons, drop-down menus, side bars, and more are utilized to maximize screen visibility and give immediate feedback on the status of devices and spaces in buildings of all sizes.

To accommodate enterprise projects, users can create space groups to organize their buildings in a quick and easy to manage organization.  Assign devices to spaces, and then group those spaces into logical containers to set actions and see insights in a fast and natural way.

With the software launch, several new device types are supported natively in the Nexos Gateway software. With two new generic types of devices – actuators and IoT sensors – added to the list of already supported devices, Igor’s Nexos platform can support nearly every type of device needed to create a smart building. While these devices could be configured previously, today all actuators and sensors are now part of Igor’s easy commissioning process and have full API support. 

  • Actuators are abstract objects that can be used to control a variety of devices connected to Igor Nodes, or even to third party software or devices. This can include shade controls, ceiling fans, small motors, meters, and more. Included in this software release is native support for Somfy and qMotion window shades. 
  • IoT Sensors expands Igor’s supported sensor library to include nearly every sensor available to buildings today with built-in adaptability to expand to new sensors available in the future. 

Many more features and usability upgrades have been added to this software. Users can import and export data, log data can be accessed in a new and revised Diagnostics section for easy and effective troubleshooting, and previously hard-to-find configurations have been pulled forward into the admin application for better configuration. Bug fixes and security updates continue to be a top priority. And with the Software 5.0 release, many API updates allow for even easier system and third-party integrations. addition of IoT sensors now allows any abstract object that can provide event-driven data from a variety of devices connected to Igor nodes, or even custom 3rd party software or devices.

The goal of these changes is to make the software installation and implementation easy without sacrificing the powerful capabilities already built into Igor’s technology. With this release, the Gateway software that makes up the heart of Igor’s Nexos platform is a market-leader in capabilities, ease of use, and enterprise scalability.

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