Gen6 Linear Node

Igor's Latest Generation Power-over-Ethernet Type-B Linear Node Breaks Boundaries

April 3, 2018

In a Power-over-Ethernet smart building system, the node plays a major role in the ability to connect compatible devices in the Internet of Things. Igor's nodes have advanced capabilities and are continually improved to bring cutting-edge technology to the hardware that connects devices to the cloud. 

The latest generation of the the node continues to push the boundaries. It is sleek and powerful with new enhancements not seen in PoE nodes before. Igor's Power-over-Ethernet Type-B linear node provides a well fit form factor for troffers and linear fixtures.  Additionally, Igor's latest generation node connects to high power 100W PoE ports (IEEE 802.3bt), enables white-tunable light, supports emergency batteries, and provides serial communications to digital lights and sensors.  An industry-first USB connection also opens the door to connecting thousands of existing USB devices to the network using a light fixture. PoE makes this possible with its high-bandwidth high-speed data communications. 

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