Versa Technology and Igor Partner to Power PoE Lighting Systems

November 15, 2018

Versa Technology, one of the largest suppliers of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, has partnered with Igor, a company pioneering the LED lighting and Internet of Things (IoT) smart building revolution, to bring PoE lighting and lighting solutions mainstream, enabling installers and their customers access to the equipment and technology they need to bring their project to life.

The partnership makes Versa Technology an approved vendor of Igor’s Nexos solutions, and certifies that equipment sold by Versa Technology is approved by Igor.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to partner with the industry leader in the POE lighting space”, said Joe Williams, Director of Sales for Versa Technology. “Igor’s reputation in the marketplace is unparalleled, and now that they are entering the smart building space it is a privilege to partner with them to provide the IT component to such an exciting new industry.”

Steven L’Heureux, CEO of Igor, echoed Williams’ enthusiasm, “Versa Technology is a perfect complement to Igor's Nexos IoT Smart Building solution. Versa is an innovative provider of PoE switches which have been fully tested and certified by Igor engineers for reliability and quality. The advances they are making in PoE technology are enabling us to deliver enhanced value and cost effectiveness to our rapidly growing list customers.  It's a very exciting partnership and we are thrilled to be Versa Technology's preferred choice for IoT Smart Building Platforms.

This is welcome news to commercial installers, who rely on Versa to procure PoE equipment for their commercial lighting projects.

Igor’s Intelligent Lighting solution, powered by Nexos, acts as the central hub to bring hardware, software, and services together to provide insights that are easy to understand and act on.

PoE lighting has significant advantages due to the two-way data transmission that CAT5e/6 cables provide. Combining Igor’s intelligent lighting technology with Versa’s strength as a supplier of PoE switches, customers immediately reap the benefits of intelligent lighting:

  • Granular controls and real-time data analytics to maximize energy saving, optimize lighting levels, and provide maximum lighting comfort to the building’s occupants
  • Global compatibility and connectivity since PoE cabling is an international standard
  • Low-voltage cable is more cost effective, easier and safer to install, and provides maximum flexibility for future changes or renovations. Independent studies have shown installation saving between 7% - 23%, depending on the side of the project.
  • Certified emergency lighting using Igor’s centralized PoE emergency lighting solution
  • The ability to expand from intelligent lighting into smart building applications using the same platform already installed, Igor’s PoE-based IoT smart building platform, Nexos, and Versa Technology’s PoE switches.

In order to bring power to the PoE lighting systems on Igor’s Nexos Platform, Versa Technology manufacturers some of the highest power budget PoE switches on the market. Recently, Versa announced the release of their newest product, the VX-GPU2626 L2+ managed 24-port POE switch, which comes with 24 POE Enabled and a total power budget of 2200 Watts ports, and has become the industry go-to for powering enterprise applications, and is an integral part of building out PoE lighting systems like that controlled by Igor’s platform.

Power over Ethernet technology and smart lighting has been estimated to see a 90% increase over the next 10 years. According to Navigant Research, global revenue for PoE lighting is expected to grow from an estimated $35.8 million in 2016 to $419.9 million in 2025. This level of growth expands across all industries — from residential to commercial to government applications.

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Versa Technology Inc. has challenged itself to push the limits of protocol boundaries and create equipment that reflects the changing networking demands of enterprises and small businesses alike. With two decades of experience, Versa Technology has developed an expansive product portfolio to support a variety of networking applications in a diverse range of networking environments.

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In 2013, Igor’s founder, Dwight Stewart, saw a problem: building management systems were too complex, too expensive, too proprietary. From this challenge, a vision of a different future was born. Today, Igor’s Nexos IoT Smart Building Platform is designed to ‘future proof’ buildings large and small. It is a highly scalable, easy to deploy, cost-effective smart building software solution with a tightly integrated intelligent lighting solution. Traditional commercial buildings are nothing more than static, physical shells. With Nexos, they transform into flexible, digital environments that enable people and companies to achieve enhanced performance.

By providing a simple yet robust solution, Nexos delivers value beyond energy savings to make commercial buildings more productive, more efficient, and easier to upgrade. As a result, Igor is winning business and enjoying rapid triple-figure growth both in the United States and in more than 24 international markets.