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Power over Ethernet Creates Smart Building of the Future for Music Tribe

August 12, 2019

As an international company with their USA headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Music Tribe, was on a mission to transform their workplace into an agile, smart building for their employees. Their vision would inspire team members with choice and control, making them active participants, not bystanders, in their environment.

The project started off half high-voltage, half Power over Ethernet (PoE), but wasn’t aligning with Music Tribe’s goals for their space. Hoping to improve energy efficiency, they needed multiple API integrations which would provide analytics of the building’s usage and enhance the building’s security. They had concerns about how the two systems would communicate and decided it would be best to install a single PoE solution, but their current contractor wasn’t able to deliver.


Music Tribe’s contractor met Igor at a trade show in Las Vegas and quickly partnered with Igor to tackle their smart building challenges and accomplish their goals. Igor installed a single, integrated, and fully PoE system. This eliminated the need for high-voltage wiring and opened up the possibilities for API integrations to utilize all the smart building technology they hoped to install now and in the future.

Music Tribe common area.

Installation of a single, integrated PoE system resulted in major savings and accomplished all of Music Tribe’s goals they set out to accomplish from the beginning.

  • Over one month of installation time saved
  • Cost savings of $180,000
  • The ability to track energy savings and usage with real-time analytics
  • No electrician needed for installation

Integrations for the smart building included:

IP Cameras

The cameras enhance security for employees, furthering Music Tribe’s goal of providing a safe, easy-to-manage workspace.

Access Control

Employees can enter the building without access cards or fobs because of a state-of-the-art security system that recognizes faces without having to peer into the camera. This access control method is more secure than fobs or keys which are often misplaced and access codes that have to be changed often.



Employees can vote on room temperature all within an app and the PoE-controlled HVAC system averages out the temperature to create a comfortable environment for room occupants.

Conference Room Scheduling

Scheduling conference room space is easier than ever because of a streamlined process of accessing room availability and booking spaces.

Privacy Glass

All-glass rooms are equipped with PoE-powered privacy glass to limit distractions during important meetings.


Employees can control the brightness, hue and other lighting features at their workspaces, without interrupting other employee’s preferences. Also, when portions of the building are not in use, the lights turn off automatically to save energy.


Music Tribe isn’t stopping here. They’re exploring the possibilities of integrating inventory management, wayfinding, asset tracking, and occupancy optimizations with Nexos, Igor’s PoE-based IoT smart building platform. With the open API, Nexos allows for endless possibilities as they look to add more integrations to create business and energy efficiencies, cost savings, and enhance their workplace productivity.

Want to learn more? Read the full case study and watch the video below!