650 5th Avenue, Cushman & Wakefield Property in NYC

Igor Technology Offers Amenities to Tenants of Prestigious Property in New York City

October 30, 2018

Peter Strand, Director of Business Development at Igor was approached by the CPL Group about a potential installation at one of Cushman & Wakefield’s properties in their portfolio - 650 5th Avenue in New York. The prestigious property, located just around the corner from Rockefeller Center, is home to many reputable tenants, something Cushman & Wakefield wants to maintain for many years to come. An IoT platform seemed like the next step in their growth.

Goals and Objectives for IoT Integration at 650 5th Avenue

They had three main goals for an IoT platform at this property:

  • Maximize occupancy
  • Provide valuable amenities to tenants
  • Cost savings

About the New York project, Strand said, “In New York, amenities are the name of the game.” Tenants are attracted to buildings which provide value beyond what other properties can offer. Beyond cost savings, property managers are looking for a platform which will future proof their buildings so that they can improve tenant attraction and retention, while maximizing occupancy.

For Cushman & Wakefield, their current install with Igor is only the beginning. Igor’s network of lighting and sensors is already offering enhanced amenities to their tenants - the ability to create lighting schedules, control lights hands-free, and tune lights according to the environment. In addition, Igor’s wired system allows for enhanced security for an intrabuilding network.

On the operational side, Cushman & Wakefield are already capturing the data needed to maximize square footage in 650 5th Avenue. With Igor’s cloud-based analytics and enterprise software, data and insights are accessible at any time, all in one place.

Measurable Outcomes with IoT and PoE Technology

In choosing Igor, they decreased their installation costs when compared to a traditional lighting install, and will recognize the long-term cost savings from the energy efficient PoE-enabled LED lights. But for Cushman & Wakefield, the real value is in the technology and the infrastructure. Igor’s IoT platform, Nexos, utilizes all standard-based Ethernet cabling, which makes for easier and quicker integrations with future technologies.

By future proofing their building with an IoT infrastructure, Cushman & Wakefield no longer need to predict the future. As tenants demand new and highly sought after amenities, Cushman & Wakefield have the capability to respond quickly and integrate new smart building technology seamlessly into their centralized Nexos platform.

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