Igor Case Study Residential Apartments

Igor's Lighting Install to Save 80% in Energy Costs

July 28, 2017

A three-floor Igor PoE lighting install project results in immediate 69% reduction of energy costs for local apartment complex.

Do you remember to turn off the lights every time you leave a room? A new smart light program can learn your behaviors and automatically adjust the schedule to save you money. This special PoE lighting technology was created right here in Iowa.

Two Iowa-based companies partnered together on a successful energy efficiency project completed in September, 2016. The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting company, Igor Inc., joined forces with Haverkamp Properties on an energy reduction project to convert three floors of a Haverkamp apartment building from high-voltage fluorescent to low-voltage LED lighting using Igor’s PoE system to both power and control the new fixtures.

How Much Energy Can PoE Lighting Save?

The new lights are projected to eventually achieve an 80% reduction in energy costs annually due to Igor, Inc’s smart software system that learns and improves efficiencies as time progresses. The software can harvest natural light, respond to darker days by increasing the lumen outputs, and has been programmed to maintain specific lighting standards to comply with state and federal safety requirements. With these programs and the new fixtures, an entire floor of low-voltage light fixtures with Igor controls now consumes less energy than a single high-voltage lighting fixture previously found in the complex.

Haverkamp Properties Owner, Brent Haverkamp, says the easy install and quick energy reductions have proven to be a wise investment. “We are always looking ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This project is good for both the environment and the bottom line.”


Installing Igor's PoE Lighting

The project took about two days to complete both the installation of the LEDs and the programming of the software system that controls the PoE lighting system. Andrew Pospisal, Igor, Inc.’s Director of Support Services, oversaw the installation. “The lighting retrofit progressed quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to the apartment residents. As each fixture was installed, it was plugged in to the PoE network which allowed it to be immediately powered,” Pospisal said, “This allowed the hallways to remain well-lit throughout the entire process.”

As a result of the installations, peak lighting demand dropped from 5.22kW to less than 1.6kW and daily energy expenditures have dropped from 125kWh to less than 37kWh, providing an immediate ROI for Haverkamp Apartments.

“This is the type of project that benefits all stakeholders,” explained Steve L’Heureux, CEO of Igor, Inc. “This partnership brings benefits to both Iowa-based companies, improves the lighting experience for the residents, and reduces the carbon footprint of a residential apartment complex significantly,” L'Heureux continued, “We’re proud to see the benefits of our product in action.”

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