Smart Hospitals equipped with PoE Technology

Nexos Improves Patient Outcomes & Employee Satisfaction with One Integrated System

November 19, 2019


Nexos is Igor's IoT platform that uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to turn regular healthcare and senior care facilities into agile, smart buildings of the future. Nexos' open API enables integration of countless technologies to make your facility smarter, safer and more patient-centered. With Nexos, healthcare facilities are able to have:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Safety
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cost savings

With monitored health indicators and by creating customized alerts,  healthcare facilities are able to improve general response time. Nexos-enabled security systems that monitor access points and sensors can improve not only occupant safety but also facility employee safety as well. A wired protocol and platform that uses tokens and authentication methods allows healthcare facilities to have better cybersecurity to protect important data. 

Through integration of various sensors, healthcare facilities are able to receive real-time building usage data to save electric costs due to light usage being strategized. These data is then securely backed up to the cloud on a daily basis. Patient health indicators can be used to help facilities improve patient health outcomes, decrease patient recovery time via circadian rhythm. All employees and equipment are tagged with access control ensuring the facility stays safe.

By future proofing healthcare and senior living facilities with an IoT infrastructure, these facilities now have the capability to respond quickly and integrate new smart building technology seamlessly into their centralized Nexos platform.

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