Igor's Smart Building Ecosystem

It takes a village to create an intelligent building - that's why Igor has developed a smart building ecosystem.

This allows architects, designers, and end-users to design a solution that works for their needs by giving them the freedom to choose their partners. With an open API and an ability to connect to any brand's low-voltage device, Igor is committed to making the process of smart building automation easier, faster, and tailored to any building management needs. 

If there is a brand or partner not listed below that you want to use with Igor's technology, do not view that as a limitation - we have and will work with companies outside of our ecosystem. However, the partners listed below have gone above and beyond, learning about Igor technology, training their employees, and working closely with Igor on projects to better serve the client. They are a great place to start when considering what a smart building solution may look like for you. 

Certified Partners

Igor Certified Partners have worked with Igor to sell complete Igor solutions with their products and services. They have been trained in the Igor system and are trusted to design and provide the right Igor-enabled smart building solution for every type of project. Certified Partners have significant experience integrating, installing, designing, or supporting Igor projects. 




Ecosystem Partners

Igor Ecosystem Partners have committed to supporting complete Igor solutions with their products and services. They have experience with Igor's technology and are trusted to provide the right Igor-enabled smart building solution or product that works for you. 








Interested in joining the Igor Ecosystem? Contact your current Igor Business Development Director or contact Igor directly. 

Think your company should be listed or listed in a different level? Reach out directly to your Igor Business Development Director to inquire about your company's ecosystem status. If you do not have an Igor contact, please contact us with your questions.