Custom Onsite Training

For companies with many potential attendees, Igor offers the option to host Igor University sessions at a company’s office or alternative location - pending local and national laws regarding group sessions.

Igor personel performing on-site training for ecosystem partners

What does an onsite training look like?

  • An onsite training may be designed with a 1, 2, or 3-day agenda
  • The onsite training can include working sessions, lectures, or a blend of teaching methods
  • One or two Igor employees will attend to lead the session depending on the session design and needs
  • If requested, a 1-hour AIA-accredited course can be incorporated into the training agenda at no additional charge, subject to availability
  • All onsite training sessions use Igor University curriculum so attendees receive the same certificate of attendance as they would at the classes at Igor’s HQ
  • All onsite trainings require a minimum of one prep meeting with the company’s point of contact at least two weeks prior to the start date
  • To provide maximum value to attendees, onsite trainings must be capped at a maximum of 12 attendees for one Igor trainer, and 18 with two Igor trainers
  • Onsite trainings must be booked at least four (4) weeks but preferably eight (8) weeks in advance and depend on Igor availability 

Custom Onsite Training Rates

The cost of hosting an onsite training depends on various factors, such as the length of the training, location, company ecosystem status, and the number of Igor employees needed to attend. Please contact us to request more information on hosting an onsite training for your employees.